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What is the full form of SI?

SI: Sub Inspector

SI stands for Sub Inspector. It is a rank in the Police force of India. SI is generally in command of a police station and ranks above an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) of police. The rank insignia for a SI comprises two stars and a red and blue striped ribbon at the outer end of the shoulder straps.

SI Full Form

A SI is the in-charge of a police station where he or she is posted and is also responsible for the administration of that police station and for maintaining the law and order in his jurisdiction. The duties of a SI are mentioned in Indian police acts as well as in state acts.

A sub-inspector is the lower-ranked police officer who can file a charge sheet in court and often acts as a first investigating officer. SI has the power to investigate all cases under the jurisdiction of his police station. However, he cannot investigate the cases that are assigned to senior police officers like DSP or CID. He acts as a bridge between the superior police officers and constabulary below him.

How to become Sub Inspector of Police

The candidate must be a graduate from a recognized university or educational board in India. The graduate candidates are required to appear and clear the SI examination that is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission.

The candidates first have to clear the Physical Endurance Test after that they become eligible for written examination and after clearing the written exam and have to appear in the interview and undergo a medical examination.

Powers of a Sub Inspector (S.I) when he or she is posted as Office-in-Charge (O.C):

  • To disperse any unauthorized gathering of five or more persons that may disturb public peace
  • To arrest any person under sections 41 and 42 Cr. P.C.
  • To investigate any cognizable offence without the Magistrate's order as well as to arrest a person who is involved in a cognizable crime under Section 154, 156, 41 (1a) Cr. P.C.)
  • To search any property or house during the investigation related to a cognizable crime user section 165 Cr. P.C.
  • Power to prevent the execution of any cognizable crime and arrest any person related to this under Sections 149, 151 Cr. P.C.

Duties of a S.I when posted as Officer-in-Charge of a Police Station:

  • To ensure the effective working and management of the staff subordinate to him or her
  • Maintain the peace and prevention and detection of crime
  • To maintain the records and registers in the police station under his jurisdiction
  • To collect and communicate inputs on all matters related to public welfare

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