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Siddharth University

India is doing great in education, which became possible because of a few good private universities. In India, there are very few government-affiliated universities, and because of that, many Indian students have to enrol their names in some private universities. This article will give you information about Siddharth University which plays an essential role in the Indian education system.

Siddharth University

This university started in 2015 and currently contains more than 250 colleges. It means these colleges are based on Siddharth university, and the head of Siddharth university will decide their syllabus and exam curriculum. Not only syllabus and exam calendar, but also they will conduct their exams through Siddharth university, and for that, they pay a reasonable amount to the university. Let's see some other information about Siddharth university, and these will be helpful for you if you want to be admitted to a college affiliated with this university.

How Can You Be Admitted To Siddharth University?

Siddharth University

If you have completed your 12th and want to pursue any graduation, then Siddharth university can be a good option for you. You can be admitted to Siddharth university using two ways. Using online methods, you can enrol yourself. You should register on their official website or call on this(06388907626) number. When an employee of Sidharth university receives your call, you will tell them about your personal and academic details. To register, you will have to pay 2 thousand Indian rupees. After this process, you will book a seat for yourself at Siddharth university. You should know that this process will work only for those students who want to be admitted to Siddharth university. Suppose you want to be admitted to a college affiliated with this university. In that case, you have to visit that college, or you can search about that college on social media/the internet. The second way to be admitted to Siddharth university is to visit their university, which is situated in Siddharth Nagar, a town in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. After reaching that university, you will fill out your form with some academic certificates, and after that, you will get admission to Sidharth university.

Courses And Fees Of Siddharth University

You can pursue many undergraduate and postgraduate courses, which would benefit you because their fees are less expensive than other universities. You can attend classes daily, and let's see some popular courses and their fee structure.

Few popular courses at Siddharth university

Course Name Course details and selection criteria Fees
B. A (Hons) It will be a three years course, and the eligibility criteria for this course will be students should pass class 12th from a recognised Board. First Year = 25580
Second year = 27880
Last year = 24600
BBA (bachelor of business administration ) It will be a three years course, and the eligibility criteria for this course will be students should pass class 12th from a recognised Board. First Year = 38540
Second year = N.A
Last Year = N. A
B Tech ( Biotechnology) It is a four-year course + pass 12th with PCM First Year = 81240
Second year = 81270
Third Year = 84780
Fourth Year = 88300
BCA It will be a three years course, and the eligibility criteria for this course will be students should pass class 12th from a recognised Board. First Year = 42000
Second Year = N.A
Second Year = N.A
M. A N.A N.A
B Tech Civil Engineering 4year course + student should take PCM in 12th standard First Year = 85000
Second year = 87300
Third Year= N A
M Tech Students should pass B.Tech with a 50 per cent mark First-year + Second Year = 228000

You Don't Need To Worry After Viewing The Fee Structure

Maybe these fees structure will not allow you to be admitted to Siddharth university, but you can readily be permitted with the help of the UP government. Uttar Pradesh government has taken a rule from which they will help those students who cannot pay their fees, and this help will reach you in the form of an Uttar Pradesh scholarship. To take a scholarship from the Uttar Pradesh government, you need to fill out a scholarship. The eligibility criteria are "your family income should be less than 120000 Indian rupees", and you can quickly get your Income certificate from a cyber cafe. It will be an arduous process to fill out the form for the UP scholarship because, in this form, you have to attach more than 12 certificates, but once you fill this form, then you can quickly get approx 20000 Indian rupees ( it will depend on your course fees ).

The Problem That You May Face Here

Siddharth University

Reading so many reviews on their website, it seems that the colleges affiliated with this university do not provide hostel facilities. In the central Siddharth university, you will get a hostel facility, but as per students' reviews, we can say they will not be as good as they should be. Maybe this is a big problem, but outside the college, you can get many P. G or you can purchase a flat for rent. These lands are so much cheap so you can get a P.G in exchange for 4000 Indian rupees per month and in this P.G you will get food service too.

Students Reviews

After reading more than 100 reviews, we can say that their students are happy with them, and they also appreciate this university for giving them a beautiful campus. Many students have said that they provide a library with a perfect study environment, so it will also be valuable. In a review, a student wrote that sometimes you have to face some rude seniors. Maybe they will not punish you, but they will also not support you.

Conclusion of Siddharth University

By doing so much research on Siddharth university, we can say that this university can be helpful for you. Their fees are average, and you can readily be admitted to this university after getting a scholarship. Based on student's review, we can say that maybe you will get issues from this university just like lack of practical stuff, some time facility will be unable to take the class, you can see a delay in examination and a few other things, but in comparison to other private universities, this university provides a better fidelity for students. In the end, It will be advised that one should be admitted to this university only when you get that you cannot crack the entrance exam of a government college because a government college will give you everything at low fees.

A Few Other Information

Siddharth University is a famous state university in Uttar Pradesh, and it has been playing an essential role in the Indian education system since 2015. Its chancellor and vice-chancellor are Mrs Anandi ben Patel and Mr HAri ABhadur Srivastav. This university is located in Kapilvastu, the famous town of Siddharth Nagar. If you see the logo of this university, you will find Mr Buddh in Meditation mode and on their official website, they have mentioned that their motto is "Be A Light Unto Yourself".

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