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Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review


Sivakumarin Sabadham is a 2021 Tamil-language musical comedy-drama film written and directed by Adhi of Hiphop Tamizha. It is his second film as a writer and director after Meesaya Murukku. He co-produced it under the label Indie Rebels with Sathya Jyothi Films. Along with Madhuri Jain and Prankster Rahul, who is making his acting debut, Adhi also plays a critical role. The movie was released on September 30, 2021, to mixed reviews and average box office results.

Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review

Movie Plot

Sivakumar is nurtured in Kanchipuram by his renowned weaver grandpa Varadarajan, whose son Murugan is only a few years older than Sivakumar. Varadarajan sends Murugan and Sivakumar to Chennai when Sivakumar fights with the police.

The daughter of Chandrasekaran, a wealthy proprietor of a textile shop, is the wife of Murugan. Sivakumar discovers that Varadharajan and Chandrasekaran have a past relationship. Sivakumar develops feelings for Madhuri, Chandrasekaran's niece.

He gets kicked out of the house along with Murugan. Then, after learning about the relationship past between Varadharajan and Chandrasekar, Sivakumar decides to fix the relationship.

Movie Cast

Sivakumarin Sabadham's Real
Sivakumarin Sabadham's Movie
Hiphop Tamizha Adhi Sivakumar
Madhuri Jain Shruthi
Elango Kumanan Varadharajan, Sivakumar's grandfather
Kimu Gopal Shruthi's Father
Adithya Kathir Kathir
Adithya Kathir Murugan
Parvathy Saran (VJ) Aishwarya, Murugan's wife
Ranjana Naachiyar Aishwarya's mother
Devi Abhinaya Sivakumar's mother
Rahul Raj Manoj
Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review

Review from Different Platforms

Times of India

Critic's Rating: 3.0/5


After four films, it is evident that Hiphop Tamizha's films are quickly evolving into their genre; you could even refer to them as post-YouTube films. Moments are the central theme of these movies. Scenes are never longer than a few minutes; you should not expect an effortless transition from one scene to the next. If a character tears in one scene, the subsequent scene may sometimes continue the same feeling. We shall receive something softer in its place. It is also essential to avoid letting the audience pause for too long.

Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review

Additionally, these brief moments have the potential to go popular on social media. So, rather than on character development and story arcs, the emphasis is primarily on narrative momentum. Additionally, you can see it in the acting and filmmaking. Although unforced, the performances are informal and unpredictable, and the filmmaking is quick.

Ultimately, the response to these flicks is either brief amusement or apparent disinterest. It is challenging to love or detest them genuinely.

The same applies to Sivakumarin Sabadham. Sivakumar was raised in Kanchipuram by his old weaver grandfather Varadarajan, whose own son Murugan (Prankster Rahul) is only a few years older than Sivakumar. Ganesan, Siva's father, sends him to Chennai with Murugan, the wealthy proprietor of a textile showroom, after Siva gets into conflict with the law. Due to a history between Varadarajan and Chandrasekaran, when Siva and the latter's niece Shruti (Madhuri), fall in love, Murugan is also expelled from their house. Can Siva reunite the families while simultaneously repairing Varadarajan's reputation?

Whether you can accept Hiphop Tamizha's choice to employ a plotline with the potential for intense drama to narrate a light-hearted movie about family and relationships will determine how you feel about Sivakumarin Sabadham. While it can be a relief when things do not get too serious, it also encourages us not to take everything that happens in the movie seriously. Everything is handled casually, from a character challenging the other person to another character attempting suicide. The movie keeps delivering us intense situations, but they are punctured by the time they are through. The movie will continue to be enjoyable if you agree with this strategy. Otherwise, you will be upset that the movie does not try to engage our emotions.

Hindustan Times


Actors like Hiphop Tamizha Adhi do not treat their roles seriously, and audiences should not. Another movie that heavily focuses on thoughtless humor and a fairly predictable story about a wild young man finding meaning in his life is Sivakumarin Sabadham.

Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review

Adhi portrays Sivakumar, a well-known silk weaver from Kanchipuram whose ancestors originally produced sarees for kings and queens. However, the family's history has faded with time, and Siva's grandfather Varadharajan is the last of his kind and is currently having financial difficulties. Varadharajan believes that if Siva stays in Kanchipuram, he will not achieve anything. As a result, he sends him to live with his uncle Murugan in Chennai, who is married to the daughter of wealthy textile store owner Chandrasekaran. Siva resolves to bring back his family's lost legacy after learning about the past of Chandrasekaran and Varadharajan, who once worked together.

The context of the Kanchipuram weaver adds much-needed drama to an otherwise well-known story of love, friendship, and family. Although the intention to highlight the life of silk weavers is admirable, the movie could have made even better use of this subplot. In the second half, the movie switches gears and becomes a little darker, but it cannot keep the intensity up long enough to make an impression.

The two actors, Kathir and Rahul, who became well-known for their YouTube pranks, shine throughout the movie and keep it from lagging even when the plot is secondary. Some comedic stretches are just plain dumb, but if you watch a lot of YouTube stuff, you will laugh and enjoy yourself. Adhi is a skilled actor who knows his limitations and plays to them. Even as a director, he meets the expectations of his target audience, primarily college students.

Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review

Box-office Collection

Sivakumarin Sabadham is a drama that aspires to be a comedy, according to a reviewer from The Times of India, who gave the movie 3 out of 5 stars.

Sivakumar in Sabadham, which had a budget of 5 crores INR but earned ten crores INR worldwide, was considered a commercial success and had a profit.

Hit or Flop

Considering the budget and the profit movie has made apart from the mixed reviews it has received, the movie still proves to be a hit venture earning approximately five crores INR as profit.

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