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What is the full form of SKU

SKU: Stock Keeping Unit

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a product identification code that uniquely identifies a product. It helps track a product for inventory purpose. The code may also be known as product identifier or product number but generally, it is referred to as SKU number.

SKU full form

The SKU code may consist of letters, numbers or both the letters and numbers. For example, in a Garment Showroom SKU of a jeans is 7250 -GN- 34. The first part of the code signifies the style of jeans and the second part signifies the color of jeans, the third part signifies the size of jeans.

SKU code needs to be unique not only for the product but also for each variation of the product. For example, the model number of similar computers must be same but their SKUs will differ based on their color, distribution channel and the production unit. So, the SKU provides specific details about a product that differentiates it from its other similar variants. The retail stores are also dependent on SKU to identify product, price and manufacturer of the merchandise.

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