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What is the full form of SMH

SMH: Shake My Head

Fullform SMH

SMH stands for Shake My Head. It is a popular online acronym. It is mostly used by teens and young adults in their social media posts or text messages to express the physical body language of shaking head in disappointment, distress, disagreement, disbelief, etc. It is used in response to someone's unexpected behavior, an unpleasant event that took place, or the disagreeable state of a situation.

Example of using SMH:

1) Suppose, a Twitter user tweeted to tell how their favorite cricket team just lost the game. He or She could add "smh" at the end of the tweet to further express the disappointment:

"The White Eagles should have won that game! They had it when their captain made that shot!! Smh."

2) Let us say your teenage daughter replied with a simple "smh" message after you messaged her to say that she is not allowed to take the car to go for a long drive with her friends. She is very disappointed:

Father: "I need the car this Sunday, so you will have to find another way to go for a long drive."

Daughter: "SMH"

There is no fixed rule at all four using this acronym. You can type it in both uppercase and lowercase letters, with or without a phrase. Just remember that it is used to emphasize an intense, emotional reaction that words alone can't express. Furthermore, it is a lot easier and faster than typing, "I am shaking my head in disappointment," or something similar. Thus, it helps people save time while also adding an extra emotional response, which may be difficult to express with words alone.

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