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SoapUI Performance Testing

Performance testing is a process to test the response time, load, scalability, reliability, etc. of the web service testing. Performance testing can also be defined to create a load artificially and measure how the external environment handles it. It does not mean how a system will behave or functioning under high load. It may be how performance testing may work under baseload or expected load.

Types of SoapUI Performance Testing

Soak Testing

The soak test's goal is used to check that the web service has not received any unwanted changes over a long time.

Baseline Testing

It is defined as pure performance testing used to examine how a web service performs under expected or normal loads. It also creates a baseline, which is compared to other types of testing on the web.

Scalability Testing

Scalability test is a non-functional test used to measure the performance of a web service on a network when the number of complexity codes or requests increases or decreases. It also examines stability testing, when applications or web services measure user-requested services, data volume, transaction count, etc. to meet the web services' growing needs.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is used to find the heavy volume or load in a web service or system, where the chances of a breakpoint may increase.

Load Testing

Load testing is used to check the web service's performance and examine how the system will behave when the number of requests increases in the load. While performing the load testing in a web service, a user can monitor the response time, server condition, scalability, throughput, etc.

Key Aspects in Web Service

The following are the two most important features of web service performance.

First Aspect

The XML / JSON language is being processed at the server end and is also XML / JSON language parsing and serialization. And some tests that fail during the processing of payloads. There can be many reasons for web service failure such as platform, web implementation issue in the shape of complex WSDL, weak web service, multiple web requests, slowness of web server due to heavy traffic on the network and some unnecessarily complex WSDLs.

Testing Aspect

The XML / JSON parsing complexities are used in a scalability test of a SoapUI project to closely examine the WSDL file. If the request and response XML file is either large or complex or has some additional attachments, we need to pay more attention to the complexity and check how it behaves under load testing.

Second Aspect

There is a security factor that is often encountered for a web service. The secure site performance is a little slow behind the HTTPS. In web service testing, we need to add a WS-Security layer behind the HTTP security layer to provide better security of the web.

Testing Aspect: Security is a primary concern for any web site, so we need to pay attention to the requests sent by different users and only allow those well-tested or secure requests.

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