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Case Tools For Software Metrics

Many CASE tools (Computer Aided Software Engineering tools) exist for measuring software. They are either open source or are paid tools. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Analyst4j tool is based on the Eclipse platform and available as a stand-alone Rich Client Application or as an Eclipse IDE plug-in. It features search, metrics, analyzing quality, and report generation for Java programs.
  2. CCCC is an open source command-line tool. It analyzes C++ and Java lines and generates reports on various metrics, including Lines of Code and metrics proposed by Chidamber & Kemerer and Henry & Kafura.
  3. Chidamber & Kemerer Java Metrics is an open source command-line tool. It calculates the C&K object-oriented metrics by processing the byte-code of compiled Java.
  4. Dependency Finder is an open source. It is a suite of tools for analyzing compiled Java code. Its core is a dependency analysis application that extracts dependency graphs and mines them for useful information. This application comes as a command-line tool, a Swing-based application, and a web application.
  5. Eclipse Metrics Plug-in 1.3.6 by Frank Sauer is an open source metrics calculation and dependency analyzer plugin for the Eclipse IDE. It measures various metrics and detects cycles in package and type dependencies.
  6. Eclipse Metrics Plug-in 3.4 by Lance Walton is open source. It calculates various metrics during build cycles and warns, via the problems view, of metrics 'range violations'.
  7. OOMeter is an experimental software metrics tool developed by Alghamdi. It accepts Java/C# source code and UML models in XMI and calculates various metrics.
  8. Semmle is an Eclipse plug-in. It provides an SQL like querying language for object-oriented code, which allows searching for bugs, measure code metrics, etc.

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