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The differences between Software Testing and Embedded Testing

In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between Software testing and Embedded Testing based on the various parameters.

Before getting into the comparison between Software Testing and Embedded testing, we will briefly introduce the Software Testing as well as Embedded Testing.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a procedure of finding the accuracy of the software by understanding its various qualities. Following are some of vital qualities of software testing:

Testing is all about evaluating software modules/components' performance in order to identify the software bugs or errors, or defects.

It is a mandatory process to implement on any application or software as it will be a risky situation if the software collapses any time due to the absence of testing. Therefore, without performing the testing process on the software cannot be deployed to the end-user.

The software testing technique is also sharing information about the quality of the software with the clients. Furthermore, we can say that the execution of Software testing gives an impartial view of the software and also provides the security of the software ability.

The software testing process includes the analysis of all components or the modules under the vital services to validate whether it fulfils the particular requirements.

It also involves an examination of code in several environments as well as all the testing features of the code.

What is Embedded Testing?

To verify and validate both software and hardware performance, we will use the Embedded testing process. The execution of the embedded testing process makes sure that the specified entire system is bug/defect-free along with its software and hardware.

The added advantage of embedded testing is that it can be executed on the hardware in order to find the bugs/ defect.

With the help of embedded testing, we can document the system's progress, and it also helps us to guarantee that the specified system meets the client specification or the requirements.

Software Testing VS Embedded Testing

Let's see the key difference between software testing and embedded testing:

Software Testing vs Embedded Testing
S.NO Comparison Basis Software Testing Embedded Testing
1. Definition The Software Testing is a process of verifying and validating the software as per the customer requirements. The embedded testing is process of checking the functional and non-functional attributes of both software and hardware in an embedded system.
2. Performed It can be performed in both ways, either manually or automatically. While it is mainly performed in one way, that is, manually.
3. Implemented on Software testing can only be implemented on the software. As compared to software testing, embedded testing can be implemented on both software as well as hardware.
4. Testing It is mainly used to test software functionality. On the other hand, it is mainly used to tests hardware behavior.
5. Testing type Usually, Software testing is based on black-box testing. On the other hand, the embedded testing can be white-box and black-box testing.
6. Database The Database can be tested under software testing procedures. The database cannot be tested in the embedded testing process.
7. Target Generally, it is executed on the client-server application. On the other hand, the embedded testing is executed on the hardware.
8. Application In software testing, we will test the Web and Mobile applications. In embedded testing, we will test the Embedded systems.
9. Expensive As compared to the embedded testing, Software testing is a bit costly and time-taking process. On the other hand, Embedded testing is less costly and less time-consuming as compared to the software testing.
10. Examples Yahoo Mail, Google Mail Android applications are the examples of Software testing. Microcontrollers used in computers and Systems s of healthcare domain are the examples of embedded testing.


After seeing all the essential differences between Software testing and Embedded testing, we can conclude that both the testing techniques have their features and capabilities, which helps the test engineers to achieve their respective goals.

Furthermore, we can say that using both the testing technique provides various advantages as well as disadvantages, which means we may see some complexity while performing the embedded testing as compared to software testing.

As a result, the embedded testing is more challenging to perform as opposed to the traditional software testing processes.

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