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Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma

Born: March 8, 1975

Sonu Sharma is the founder of the 'DYNAMIC INDIA GROUP', which he founded in (1982). (INDIA) He is a well-known author, educator, business consultant, and good businessman, and he is in high demand as a keynote speaker. Today, he is considered one of India's most promising motivational speakers. For people to reach their ultimate capacity, he motivates and supports them. He has carried his lively personal words to people on the other side of the world from where he lives. He has spent the last 17 years researching and comprehending the Direct Sales Industry, and he has helped numerous firms go on the road to success and satisfaction. Success is not just about accumulating wealth; it is also about having your children look up to you as role models. I've viewed a number of his videos and attended a few of his live lectures. His videos and workshops really transformed my life. He's most likely never been here before. In one of his films, he states that in order to reach your goals, you must provide a decent dosage of nutrition to both your mind and your body.

Born November 11, 1984, Sonu Sharma's early years were similar to those of an average youngster; he came from a poor home, which gave him a great deal of difficulty.

After completing his elementary education at a public high school, he went on to get a bachelor's degree from Chandigarh College. They suffered through several highs and lows in their lives, just as any other middle-class household would have experienced. This individual, on the other hand, is the one who has battled through every obstacle with bravery and has earned this situation today.

Early Life

After graduating from Sonu Sir College, he went on to provide private lessons to youngsters. When Sonu Sir was a youngster, she used to teach mathematics and a variety of other topics to the children at her residence. Sonu Sir has been providing private tutoring to youngsters for the last four years. Then he started working in network marketing, where he stayed for 14 years and continues to work exclusively in network marketing today. Sonu Sharma has put forth a lot of effort throughout her life, yet she has yet to achieve significant success in any Endeavour. On September 14, 2005, Sonu Sir began working for the network marketing business Naswiz. The event was a watershed moment in Sonu Sir's life, and everything altered after that. Sonu worked with Sir Naswiz for more than 16 years, during which time he gained a great deal of knowledge. Working in network marketing had a profound impact on his life.

Sonu Sir is well-known in the network marketing industry today, and it isn't easy to find out someone who hasn't heard of him. Sonu Sir is one of the most well-known businessmen in India today. Sonu Sharma is the moniker of his YouTube channel, which he runs in addition to his other endeavors. This is a platform by which he promotes and advises people on how to gain greatness in the network marketing profession. Sonu Sir is also the founder of the Indian Dynamic Group, which he founded with his brother. He is also known as the Naswiz Firm's Spokesmodel, although he has lately joined Vestige Marketing Private Ltd., which is a marketing firm.

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  • Soon after, he began to share his knowledge and expertise with others by delivering seminars and open sessions around India and overseas. He was able to start his social media accounts and subsequently publish a lot of videos on a variety of topics such as direct selling and many others because of his excellent public speaking abilities and innovative approach to his business, which he credits to his success. In addition, he has a background in training and has delivered successful seminars and training workshops for a variety of companies around the nation. It is his goal to inspire and motivate individuals all around the globe. He wants to make a difference.
  • He has almost 6.5 million YouTube followers, all of whom are avid viewers of a wide range of clips on a daily basis, according to his social media presence. He has more than 5 million followers on Facebook, in addition to having one billion views on other social media platforms, according to his website. The proportion of people who have benefited from his energizing lectures has increased significantly in recent years, according to his website. Because of his innate talent for communication, he has made a name for himself as a career coach and motivational speaker. Regarding prizes and recognition, he has received honors such as the Atal Samman 2020 Award, among others.
  • He has worked really hard to rise from being an average middle-class guy to being a successful and wealthy businessman. He has overcome many obstacles to reach this point in his life. He is a multi-talented individual who has all of the abilities necessary for success as an entrepreneur. Working as a tuition teacher throughout his university years led him to choose to account as his professional field. He obtained a C.A. as a result of his dedication, and he then decided to pursue a career in Network Marketing.
  • He also has extensive expertise in the information technology business and direct sales, which has enabled him to amass considerable wealth. He is indeed the author of multiple books and is reported to have a net worth in excess of Rs. 70 lakhs. He is also a motivational speaker and an educator who helps others achieve their goals. He enjoys traveling throughout the globe and has visited more than 40 countries so far, with additional nations being added to his list on a regular basis.
  • When Sonu Sharma started uploading videos on his "Sonu Sharma" YouTube channel, which currently has over 7 million subscribers, he quickly gained national and international attention. He is considered to be one of India's most inspirational young public speakers. In the short time since he started his network marketing profession and gained remarkable success in Direct Selling, his life has been transformed.
  • Within two years of starting in Network Marketing, he had achieved the status of crorepati. Because of his inherent ability and dedication, he rose to become the highest-paid employee at Naswiz Retails in a very short amount of time. In addition, he has been to over 40 countries in order to market his company. He is also one of the top representatives for one of India's top multi-level marketing businesses, in addition to serving as a Corporate Ambassador for a number of other products, Sonu Sharma. He also has a significant amount of experience in software. Later on, he went on to start his own firm, which was called Dynamic India Group. Writing skills are among a broad variety of qualities he has as well. He is an author who has published a number of motivational publications that may be of use to us in improving our way of life. Sonu Sharma's net worth increased significantly as a result of this. To promote his YouTube channel, YouTube has provided him with Silver and Gold Buttons.
Quick Details
Name Sonu Sharma
Nickname Sonu
D.O.B. November 11, 1981
Place of Birth Haryana
Profession Motivational Speaker & Businessman
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
Age 40 Years Old
Religion Hindu
Caste Brahmin
Educational Qualification Graduated
School Name Dayanand Public School, Faridabad
Hobbies Public Speech, Doing the gym
Drink & Smoke Yes

Nawaz Retails Pvt. Ltd.

Sonu Sharma launched the Naswiz project, which is a social enterprise. A group of outstanding professionals from the information technology and direct marketing sectors has got together to form a team. Naswiz's best earner is Sonu Sharma, who makes the most money. This system assists aspiring businesses and also corporate and government customers, as well as semi-government clients, in developing an efficient marketing strategy for their products and services.

Personal Life & Family

  • Sonu Sharma hails from a loving household. A total of six people make up his household (his mother, father, wife, and two children). Sonu Sharma wedded Swati Sharma, who was born and raised in Bhubaneswar, in 2006, and the pair has two children together. He puts a significant priority on his relationship with his parents.
  • In his position, it becomes extremely hard to maintain a proper balance between his professional and personal life. However, he serves as an excellent example of how to achieve this goal in both work and family life. It is clear that he takes every effort to preserve this equilibrium, and he can often be seen relaxing and investing time with his parents.
  • In the mornings, Sonu Sharma gets up at five o'clock and worships for half an hour. It has become a pattern for him. He is a health and fitness fanatic who strives to live a healthy lifestyle at all times. He is married and has two children. Sonu Sharma's net worth is expanding as a result of the many awards and recognitions he has earned.

Social Networks

Sonu Sharma, like the majority of stars, maintains an online presence. He's among the best network entrepreneurs in India, and he has a lot to prove. In contrast to becoming a Network Marketer, he is a public speaker and author. One of the most active online users, Sonu Sharma, can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, among others. His social media pages bring his followers up to speed on the newest news, milestones, and photographs from the actor's life. Sonu Sharma has various social media profiles, which he uses to communicate with his followers on a more immediate basis.


  • Sonu Sharma's choice to enter Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd generated outrage in India when he announced his intention to do so. His company, the Dynamic India Group, does have a market valuation of more than $250 million and 230 operations. While on the other hand, he has recently joined Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. as a consultant. According to rumors, he has spent 48 crore rupees on his migration to Canada.
  • However, he claims that after years of hard effort, he has come to the conclusion that Naswiz is the only area in which he can generate money and build his company.
  • A definitive reason for Sonu Sharma, amongst the most popular and active speakers, speakers, and social influencers in the world, to take such a significant decision will never be found. There are a few possible factors that must have had a part in making such a monumental choice:

Inspiring Lessons one can learn from Sonu Sharma's Life

  • If you're familiar with networking, you've almost certainly heard enough tales of successful network marketers who started out with a little budget and a lot of determination. Sonu Sharma is one such individual. Sonu Sharma's enormous net worth is a testament to his extraordinary achievements. Let's take a look at some of the life lessons we may take away from him.
  • How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance? Sonu Sharma exemplifies the art of striking a healthy balance between his work and personal life in the best possible way. The lesson for us is to attempt to maintain much of a full resolution as feasible. Despite the fact that most of us aren't renowned personalities, the concept of keeping a work-life balance is still relevant.
  • Disciplined Sonu Sharma is a star who maintains a high level of discipline. He has a high level of dedication in all he does, including operating his own firm, conducting live stuff, and managing his Youtube page. If you do not have discipline, you're not going to go very far.
  • How to stay focused Sonu Sharma left up his schooling in pursuing his ambition of being a rich person. Because of his commitment, hard effort, and tenacity, he has contributed significantly to the cause. Failure is not an option in his life, and this is another key lesson we may learn from his example. There are certain things in life that may knock you down, and life can be challenging at times, so be prepared. If you can keep your head above water, things will always get better. There are several distractions available in life. You must be able to focus your efforts on your most critical objectives.

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