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Spring SimpleJdbcTemplate Example

Spring 3 JDBC supports the java 5 feature var-args (variable argument) and autoboxing by the help of SimpleJdbcTemplate class.

SimpleJdbcTemplate class wraps the JdbcTemplate class and provides the update method where we can pass arbitrary number of arguments.

Syntax of update method of SimpleJdbcTemplate class

We should pass the parameter values in the update method in the order they are defined in the parameterized query.

Example of SimpleJdbcTemplate class

We are assuming that you have created the following table inside the Oracle10g database.

This class contains 3 properties with constructors and setter and getters.

It contains one property SimpleJdbcTemplate and one method update. In such case, update method will update only name for the corresponding id. If you want to update the name and salary both, comment the above two lines of code of the update method and uncomment the 2 lines of code given below.


The DriverManagerDataSource is used to contain the information about the database such as driver class name, connnection URL, username and password.

There are a property named datasource in the SimpleJdbcTemplate class of DriverManagerDataSource type. So, we need to provide the reference of DriverManagerDataSource object in the SimpleJdbcTemplate class for the datasource property.

Here, we are using the SimpleJdbcTemplate object in the EmployeeDao class, so we are passing it by the constructor but you can use setter method also.

This class gets the bean from the applicationContext.xml file and calls the update method of EmpDao class.

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