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Spring Security Login-Logout Module Example

Spring Security provides login and logout features that we can use in our application. It is helpful to create secure Spring application.

Here, we are creating a Spring MVC application with Spring Security and implementing login and logout features.

First we created a maven project and provided following project dependencies in pom.xml file.

Project Dependencies

Spring Security Configuration

After that we created configuration files to enable login feature and allowed access to the authorized user only.

This project contains the following four Java files.


HomeController: Controller to handle user requests.


We have a JSP file index.jsp that contains the following code.

Project Structure

After creating above files, our project structure looks like this:

Spring Security Login Logout


When run using apache tomcat, it produces the following output to the browser.

Spring Security Login Logout 1

Now, providing user credentials to get logged in.

Spring Security Login Logout 2

It shows home page after logged in successfully, see below.

Spring Security Login Logout 3

Here, we are created a logout link which can be used to get logged out. Let's check out and log out from the application.

Spring Security Login Logout 4

And it redirect back to the login page.

Spring Security Login Logout 5

Well, we have created a successfully Spring MVC application that uses Spring Security to implement login and logout features.

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