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Spring Project Modules

In Spring Security 3.0, the Security module is divided into separate jar files. The purpose was to divide jar files based on their functionalities, so, the developer can integrate according to their requirement.

It also helps to set required dependency into pom.xml file of maven project.

The following are the jar files that are included into Spring Security module.

  • spring-security-core.jar
  • spring-security-remoting.jar
  • spring-security-web.jar
  • spring-security-config.jar
  • spring-security-ldap.jar
  • spring-security-oauth2-core.jar
  • spring-security-oauth2-client.jar
  • spring-security-oauth2-jose.jar
  • spring-security-acl.jar
  • spring-security-cas.jar
  • spring-security-openid.jar
  • spring-security-test.jar

Core - spring-security-core.jar

This is core jar file and required for every application that wants to use Spring Security. This jar file includes core access-control and core authentication classes and interfaces. We can use it in standalone applications or remote clients applications.

It contains top level packages:


Remoting - spring-security-remoting.jar

This jar is used to integrate security feature into the Spring remote application. We don't need it until or unless we are creating remote application. All the classes and interfaces are located into package.

Web - spring-security-web.jar

This jar is useful for Spring Security web authentication and URL-based access control. It includes filters and web-security infrastructure.

All the classes and interfaces are located into the package.

Config - spring-security-config.jar

This jar file is required for Spring Security configuration using XML and Java both. It includes Java configuration code and security namespace parsing code. All the classes and interfaces are stored in package.

LDAP - spring-security-ldap.jar

This jar file is required only if we want to use LDAP (Lighweight Directory Access Protocol). It includes authentication and provisioning code. All the classes and interfaces are stored into package.

OAuth 2.0 Core - spring-security-oauth2-core.jar

This jar is required to integrate Oauth 2.0 Authorization Framework and OpenID Connect Core 1.0 into the application. This jar file includes the core classes for OAuth 2.0 and classes are stored into the package.

OAuth 2.0 Client - spring-security-oauth2-client.jar

This jar file is required to get client support for OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework and OpenID Connect Core 1.0. This module provides OAuth login and OpenID client support. All the classes and interfaces are available from package.

OAuth 2.0 JOSE - spring-security-oauth2-jose.jar

It provides Spring Security's support for the JOSE (Javascript Object Signing and Encryption) framework. The JOSE framework provides methods to establish secure connection between clients. It contains following collection of specifications:

  • JWT (JSON Web Token)
  • JWS (JSON Web Signature)
  • JWE (JSON Web Encryption)
  • JWK (JSON Web Key)

All the classes and interfaces are available into these two packages: and

ACL - spring-security-acl.jar

This jar is used to apply security to domain object in the application. We can access classes and code from the package.

CAS - spring-security-cas.jar

It is required for Spring Security?s CAS client integration. We can use it to integrate Spring Security web authentication with CAS single sign-on server. The source code is located into package.

OpenID - spring-security-openid.jar

This jar is used for OpenID web authentication support. We can use it to authenticate users against an external OpenID server. It requires OpenID4Java and top level package is

Test - spring-security-test.jar

This jar provides support for testing Spring Security application.

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