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Spring Starter Project Wizard

There is one more way to create Spring Boot project in STS (Spring Tool Suite). Creating project by using IDE is always a convenient way.

Follow the following steps in order to create a Spring Boot Application by using this wizard.

Select Starter Project

Spring Starter project wizard 1

Provide project details.

Spring Starter project wizard 2

Select dependency as web to create web project.

After finishing, the default pom.xml file for the project is created as below:

Spring Starter project wizard 3

// pom.xml

This project auto generates a Java file as given below inside the src/main/java.

Now we can run this as a Java Application and it will produce the following output.

Spring Starter project wizard 4

Observe the line Started SpringBootExample2Application in 23.788 seconds (JVM running for 30.19) in the output section. It shows that our application is started.

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