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SQLite Installation

SQLite is known for its zero configuration which means no complex setup or administration is required. Let's see how to install SQLite on your system.

Install SQLite on Windows

Follow the steps given below:

  • Go to SQLite official website download page And download precompiled binaries from Windows section.
SQLite Installation 1
  • Download the sqlite-dll and sqlite-shell zip file. Or file.
  • Create a folder named sqlite in C directory and expand these files.
SQLite Installation 2
  • Open command prompt to set the path. Set your PATH environment variable and open sqlite3 command. It will look like this:
SQLite Installation 3

The above method facilitates you a permanent way to create database, attach database and detach database.

There is another way to execute CRUD operation in SQLite. In this method, there is no need to set a path.

  • Just download the SQlite precompiled Binary zip file.
  • Expand the zipped file, you will see a page like this:
SQLite Installation 4
  • Run the selected sqlite3 application:
SQLite Installation 5 SQLite Installation 6

You can execute the SQLite query here. But here, the data is temporary and once you shut down your computer, you will lose the records you have. Because, you cannot create, attach or detach a database here.

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