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Sreekaram movie review

Sreekaram movie review
Movie name Sreekaram
Released on 11th March 2021
Star Cast Sharwanand, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Murali Sharma, Sai Kumar, Satya, Naresh, Saptagiri and Aamani
Music Mickey J. Meyer
Run Time 2 hr. 12 mins
Producer Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta
Director Kishor B
Cinematography J. Yuvraj
Editor Marthand K Venkatesh
Dialogues Sai Madhav Burra

Sreekaram, the movie, is a social and emotional drama directed by Kishore Reddy that means the beginning of something. The movie shows the journey of Karthik (Sharwanand), the son of Keshavulu (Rao Ramesh), a retired farmer caught in a cycle of debt in the movie. They belong to a poor farmer family in a village near Tirupati. The drama revolves around the farmer, their plight, and issues plaguing the agriculture sector. The characters and their issue are related to real-life issues. The movie also has songs with a depth meaning, especially the song 'Balegundi Bala' sung by singer Penchal Das which brings charm to Seema folk music.

Farming is the main occupation of our country, and farmers are at its heart, but their life becomes miserable due to circumstances and less funding for farming. Most farmers opt out of other professions after facing significant losses. In the movie, farmers' problems are discussed, and they try to resolve them with the message that farmers are country necessity. They are the future of our country because agriculture is & will be a trend.

The movie's hero is Karthik, the son of a retired farmer who does hard work and, perseverance, clears all his father's debts. The story starts with Karthik, who works in an IT company in Hyderabad, and a top-rated employee who gets to move to the US and make his career there. But he chose to be a farmer for his father and fill the shortage of farmers in his village. He found his father indebted and returned to his village after quitting his job. Another lead character in the movie is Chitra (Priyanka), Karthik's colleague, who tries her best to make him fall in love with her. But she failed to convenience him because he was determined to bring back lost glory to the farmers and agriculture. The major challenge faced by Karthik is to convenience villagers to return to agriculture, and Sreekaram's story is all about his efforts and success as a farmer.

The heroine of the film Chitra looks beautiful and plays s role of a bubbly young girl who sacrifices everything for her love and shares her lover's ambition. In the second half of the film, her character attains more attention. Other characters also play their role in a well-defined like. Naresh plays the role of a helpless farmer who works on daily wages in the city, Satya (the comedian) is successful in tickling the audience's funny bones several times, and Sai Kumar plays a role of an antagonist terrifically who planned/ schemed and snatched away the villagers agricultural land.

Some negative reviews/opinion

The main weak points to make the movie compelling and moving are the love track of the hero and heroine and the second half of the cinematic narration, the farmer's triumph. There is a lack of intense conflict in the movie, and the role of Sai Kumar being functional doesn't add too much conflict. The second half lifts the expectation by how Karthik and his team of farmers gain success by beating all the impending odds that have been dealt with simplistically. But this solution doesn't relate to reality because if the problem of farmers is solved so quickly, our country's agriculture sector would be in a good state. The movie needs uneven narration, a formulaic screenplay, a poor love track, poor representation, familiar scenes in the latter half, and a going down of tempo in the second half.

Conclusion of Movie

The movie Sreekaram is about farmers' battle for their survival and existence. It depicts how a farmer unites all the farmers and finds new techniques in farming to make farming easy and feasible. It is an honest attempt with commercial elements and a formulaic presentation. Sharwanand's performance is the feature of the film that bound the audience emotionally (heartfelt emotions).

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