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SRM University

SRM University

If you have completed your 12th and searching for a university from where you can complete your higher education, then this article will be helpful for you. In this article, we will get some information about SRM university. This university has played an essential role in the Indian education system since 1992, but it was not a university then. At that time, it was just an engineering college named SRM Institute of Science and technology. Till 2002 this college developed five other colleges in India. These colleges were in Kattankulathur, Ramapurav, Vadapalani, Tiruchirappalli, and a big campus in South Delhi. At that time, these colleges were affiliated with private universities, but that university was charging a good amount in the form of examination fees and other fees. While seeing this problem, the chancellor and vice-chancellor of SRM college decided that they would start their university. From this thought, in 2002, they started their university and named it "S R M University". Let's see some other information related to this university.

How to Apply for SRM University

SRM University

If you are interested in taking the admission to SRM university, then you should always pay attention to their official website because from that website, you can get information about the date of entry and every other process, and there are two ways to apply to SRM university

1. By using online payment

If you can make an online payment, you can readily admit yourself to SRM University, as the process is straightforward. Go to their official website, "," and check for your particular course. You will get your course in the menu bar, or you can search for it in the search column. Once you get your course, then click on apply, and after that, you will get an interface on which you have to submit all your document and details but be careful while feeling this form because if your data do not match with your papers, then they will reject your form. After feeling that form, you would insert your image and document; after this, your form will be ready to send. Now you will have to pay 1200 rupees ( Application fees ), and you can easily make this transaction using any debit card or other payment method. When your payment is successful, you will get an email on your given email Id, which will be a certificate of your enrollment for SRM university.

2. Offline way

You must choose this method if you cannot make an online payment. In this method, everything will be similar, but after filling out your form, you have to make a payment, and instead of making an online payment, you will do this offline. You will download your fulfilled form and take a printout of this; after that, you will make a D.D. of 1200 rupees. This D.D. will favour SRMIST, and after making a D.D., you will fill both ( your form's printout and D.D. sleep )in an envelope, and you will have to post it on. SRM institute of technology, Kattankulathur, chengalpattu, Distric-Tamilnadu 603203.

Your post will be your final effort; after this step, you will enrol for the SRM university. While feeling offline form students always get a problem. They do not notice the last date of application. They think that within the later date, they have to make their post, but in reality, your post should arrive at the university by the last date and only after this will you be able to enrol for SRM University. For any query, you can contact on "08069087000". Or you can email them at [email protected].

Course and Fees of SRM Universities

SRM University

No doubt, SRM is an expensive university, and a middle-class student can not afford its fees. It happens because SRM provides some high-class facilities for students, and while studying at SRM, you will feel that it is a better college than IIT and NIT. They have few high-class facilities, and they always try to teach students by making a lot of practicals and because of this they have to invest so much money. Below is the table in which you will get details about some famous courses of SRM university.

course Duration Overall fees
B. tech 4 1001000
MBBS 5 2250000
BCA 3 220000
BBA 3 265000
BSC 3 160000
Ba.LLB 5 755000
B. A 3 180000

It was the list of a few famous courses of SRM university, you should know that SRM offers more than 34 courses and every year lack of students try to be admitted to this university. After watching this table, you can identify how expensive SRM is. SRM claims that they have to increase their fees because a significant portion of fees they use for practical teaching, but if you check the list, you will get that for pursuing B.A. from SRM, you have to pay approximately 180000 Indian rupees. At the same time, you don't need to make any practical in B.A. maybe their fees are high because they keep a knowledgeable facility.

Campus Life of SRM University

You should know that SRM is a big university and has made within 250+ acres, and in this field, you can see a lot of gorgeous buildings and other architecture. On this campus, they have developed many sports grounds such as cricket ground, basketball ground, volleyball ground football ground and few other and every ground have captured a suitable space from which you can think that you can easily play your favourite game in these fields. On this campus, you will get two gardens, and both of them are filled with greenery and some swing, and any student can take sleep in these gardens or you can study in these gardens. They have some unique facilities for cultural programs, and if you are interested in participating in any program, you can quickly learn new things from there. If you are a healthy person and want to spend some time in the gym, then you can use their gym ( only for hostel students), which is fulfil with modern machines and for girls, they have made a particular gym and massage centre inside the girl's hostel.

Their Practicality is their Speciality

A student can learn a thing in the best way by making practical on that topic, and this university claim that they have hired some high-class facility for practical knowledge. Let's see some streams and their valuable work.

1. Engineering

After attending the class, you have to go to the lab where you will get everything you have learnt in your class, and you can use them by yourself, and some facilities will help you use these mechanisms in real life.

2. Medical and health science

Last year this university secured 53 ranks in Nerf, and you should know that most Indian AIIMS could not come under the top 50, and it happened because of their practical knowledge. University claims that after completing your class, you will be able to make it functional in the lab; for that, they have invested a good amount. They also use a dead human body and a few other dead body organs for better results.

3. Management

As we all know, if you are a management student, it is more likely that you will not get a practical lab in your college. Still, at SRM university, you can talk with some Businessman who has done great in their life and not only this but also you will have to submit many business ideas from which your business approach will change.

Some other exciting things about SRM University

  1. SRM university claims that till now, more than 52000 students have related to this university, and most of them have secured success in their life.
  2. On their official website, they have mentioned that till now, more than 1339 companies have come to this university to give jobs to their students, and more than 15000 students have secured an on-campus job, a considerable number.
  3. University claims that till now, they have done 60+ international collaborations, and their students have learned a lot of things. Because of a high-level platform, they have boosted their confidence too.
  4. SRM university claims that till now, their 63 faculty have done their unique patent, and most of them are doing great with their startup.
  5. SRM university claims that till now, they have given more than 3200 jobs, and they have a considerable number of faculty from which students can quickly learn any new thing.
  6. SRM university claim that till now, they have released 3200 publications, and their top facilities have written many books in their libraries.
  7. SRM university claim that till now, they have gathered more than 130 crore rupees in the form of external funding, which means Indians are giving their faith in this university.
  8. SRM University claims that more than 752 international students have completed their studies at this university, and 90 per cent have secured a high-class job through on-campus placement.

It was some other information about SRM university. After seeing these, any student will be interested in admitting to this university. Still, in most cases, people get that many universities claim the wrong thing because, for those things, they don't need to give any verification to someone. Maybe these things are true, but if you want to get exact information about any university, you should be concerned with a student who has completed his studies at this university and will give you detailed information.

Reviews and Rating

Suppose you want to get exact information about any university. In that case, you should check the rating and reviews because these ratings have been given by those students who have qualified from this university, or these ratings have been given by those agencies who have the authority to judge a university. Let's see how much point SRM university has secured on Google, and you should know that we have gathered this information from some top-class academic websites, which we can believe.

  1. Rating
    If you go on, then you will get that.
  2. Placement
    SRM university has secured 3.9 stars out of five in the placements category, which means most students are getting jobs at this university but still have to work in this department.
  3. Infrastructure
    SRM university has secured 4.4 stars out of five in the category, which means they have a too good Infrastructure
  4. Faculty and course Curriculum
    As we have previously seen, the university claims they have some top-class facilities, and because of them in this category, they have secured 4.1 stars.
  5. Campus life
    They have some top-class infrastructure, and you can participate in many types of cultural events, and because of these, all in this category, they get 4.1 stars.
  6. Value of money
    This university is the worst category because most students still think they are providing so many things that they charge a considerable amount for them. Because of this, they get only 2.1 stars in this category.


SRM university is a big private university that can help you achieve your goal, but you should know its vast cost. Any university can not guarantee success until you do not give your best, so if you belong to a middle-class family and want to be admitted to SRM university, then you should keep this thing in your mind only from admission you will not get success. If you do the hard work, you will be unable to clear the exams. For middle-class students, our government has already created institutes like IIT and NIT; from there, you can get better results with fewer fees. For taking admission to IIT and NIT, you will have to give their entrance exam, and that exam is not everyone's cup of tea, but if you give your best in this exam, then you can assure a sit in these high-class colleges, and by doing this, you can save your parent's hard work's income.

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