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What is the full form of SSF

SSF: Special Security Force

SSF stands for Special Security Force. Employees and foreign dignitaries are protected in Bangladesh by the Special Security Force (SSF), a law enforcement agency.

SSF Full Form


The SSF's role is to physically protect Bangladesh's President and Prime Minister as well as anyone else the government of Bangladesh has identified as very important. The SSF works with the civil administration, security organizations, and intelligence agencies to stop current threats to VIPs and safeguard them from emerging ones. The SSF is also in charge of protecting the homes and offices of VIPs.


Hussain Muhammad Ershad, who was president at the time, was the one who first proposed the concept of creating a security force in Bangladesh to provide physical protection for VIPs. The Presidential Security Force was subsequently established on June 15, 1986. The organization was renamed the Special Security Force on September 27, 1991, after Bangladesh adopted a parliamentary form of government.

The Presidential Security Force Ordinance created a security force that will be directly under the command of the president, managed and supervised by a director, and maybe endowed with the authority of the Chief of Army Staff about SSF activities.

The force might ask for support from other organizations, including law enforcement, paramilitary, and military and intelligence services. The Special Security Force, with its major duty being the protection of the president, the prime minister, and other VIPs, was renamed with the restoration of the parliamentary system. The force's initial purpose was to physically protect the president wherever they might be as well as VIPs, such as heads of state, heads of government, and anyone else the government designated as a VIP. The job description for this position also specifies that it "collects and conveys intelligence impacting the physical protection of the Prime Minister, President, or a VIP."

Section 11 of the Special Security Force Ordinance (SSFO), passed in 1986, which forbids prosecution for such acts without official approval, exacerbates the broad and unrestricted powers granted to the authorities above. The SSF's Agents division comprises Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Ansar, and Village Defense Party personnel. People in higher grades also actively support the company.

Some Others Full Forms of SSF

1. Slow Sand Filters

SSF stands for Slow Sand Filters. In the process of turning raw water into a potable product, slow sand filters are employed. They are used mostly to treat surface water and are typically 1-2 m (3.3-6.6 ft) deep with a rectangular or cylindrical cross shape. Typically, the filters load at a rate of 200-400 litres (0.2-0.4 m3) per square meter per hour., which determines the length and width of the tanks.

Slow sand filters function by using a sophisticated biological layer that naturally develops on the surface of the sand, setting them apart from all other filters used to purify drinking water. Contrary to its counterparts for UV and pressure treatments, the sand serves only as a substrate and does not perform filtration. They are used to treat water in certain industrialized nations, including the UK, where they do so for London's water supply, even though they are typically the method of choice in many developing nations due to their affordable energy requirements and dependable performance. In hydroponic systems, slow sand filters are now being researched for their ability to control pathogens in nutrient solutions.

2. Singapore Sailing Federation

SSF Full Form

SSF stands for Singapore Sailing Federation. The National Sports Association managing and organizing the sailing sport in Singapore is the Singapore Sailing Federation, popularly known as Singapore Sailing.

The Federation collaborates closely with Sport Singapore on several fronts and abides by the norms and guidelines that Sport Singapore has established for NSAs. Singapore Sailing works on the high-performance front with several clubs and affiliates and the Singapore National Olympic Council and World Sailing. Lincoln Chee presently serves as the Federation's leader, and its main office is in East Coast Park's National Sailing Centre.


Jack Snowden, who also served as the organization's first president, established the Singapore Yachting Association in 1966.

The National Optimist Sailing Scheme was established in 1994 to focus on teaching sailors in the Optimist class. To honor young sailors who learn to sail, a National Optimist Certification Scheme was created in 2000. The Singapore Yachting Association changed its name to Singapore Sailing Federation on April 29, 2000, popularly known as Singapore Sailing.

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