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What is the full form of SSLC

SSLC: Secondary School Leaving Certificate

SSLC stands for Secondary Level School Certificate. It is a certification given by the college after the successful completion of an examination at the end of study at the secondary school level in India. Secondary schooling is generally known as class 10 board examination in India. The students can get the SSLC after obtaining the passing grade in their class 10 board examination.

In India schooling is dividing into three groups:

Primary Schooling: The first five years of education is known as primary schooling.

Secondary Schooling: This is the next five years, from class 6th to class 10th. It is known as secondary schooling.

High School or Pre University Course: This is the last two years of schooling, from class 10th to class 12th. After that a student can apply for graduation.

Future after getting SSLC:

A student can apply for apply for pre university course (popularly known as +2 education in India) after getting SSLC. After completing class 12th, he/she can apply for graduation in any university according to his/her choice.

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