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Stalking Meaning

Word: Stalking

Noun: Stalk

Stalking means:

  • The act of following and watching someone for an extended period of time without their consent.
  • Following a person or animal as close as possible without being seen or heard is known as stalking.


"stem of a plant," early 14c., probably a diminutive (with -k suffix) of stale "one of the uprights of a ladder, handle, stalk.


  • Twig
  • Trunk
  • Spike
  • Reed
  • Bent
  • Shaft
  • Pedicle


  • Refrain
  • Disobey

Opposite word

The opposite word of stalking is: Retreat


Let's consider some sentences consisting of 'stalking' words.

  1. He was charged with stalking.
  2. Had he been stalking her the day she fell off the bluff?
  3. She flashed a glimpse over her shoulder at him as she stalked away.
  4. It was easy to stalk an innocent woman down the alley until she said something she shouldn't have said.
  5. She locked her gaze on the door for a second before turning and stalking along the corridor.
  6. Physical assault is a crime, as is rape, stalking, and marital rape in several nations.
  7. Her nightmares, too, had been hazy, with an unknown thing stalking her.
  8. After stalking us and seeing us together, he made this false assumption.
  9. A cat stalking a bird or mouse exemplifies the hunter's instinct.

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