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Struts2 Regex Validation Example

The regex validator validates the given string with the specified regular expression. It can be used in password, security key etc.

Parameters of regex validator

There is 4 parameters defined for regex validator.

fieldNamespecifies the field name that is to be validated. It is required in Plain-Validator only.
expressionspecifies the regular expression.
caseSensitivespecifies if the expression should be matched in case sensitive way. It is true bydefault.
trimspecifies if the value should be trimmed before matching. It is true bydefault.

Example of regex validator

Full example of regex validator

1) Create index.jsp for input

This jsp page creates a form using struts UI tags. It receives name, password and email id from the user.


2) Create the action class

This action class inherits the ActionSupport class and overrides the execute method.

3) Create the validation file

Here, we are using bundled validators to perform the validation.


4) Create struts.xml

This xml file defines an extra result by the name input, and an interceptor jsonValidatorWorkflowStack.


5) Create view component

It is the simple jsp file displaying the information of the user.


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