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'Sunflower' Web Series Review'

The G5 online series 'Sunflower' is directed by director Vikas Bahl, whose name was mentioned in a sexual harassment cases.

At the present, Vikas' image has been cleansed from such allegations, and with 'Sunflower we series,' he has once again provided engaging content for the public. Rahul Sengupta directed the film alongside Vikas Bahl.

This series' plot centres on a murder mystery. There is one dead corpse and two suspects. One guy appears suspect based on his words, while the other appears suspicious based on his behaviour.

Are these two suspects linked to the murder of Raj Kapoor at Sunflower Society? Is it only the traditional suspects, or is there more to it than meets the eye? After seeing the online series 'Sunflower,' one may have similar thoughts.

From the beginning of this series, Vikas Bahl has attempted to generate suspense. The public had great hopes for this thriller series, which was produced by celebrities like as Sunil Grover, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Ranveer Shorey, but could the performers live up to their expectations, and what does this thriller series say?

All of this, Story, will be revealed in today's evaluation.

Sunflower' Web Series Review
Series Name Sunflower
Director Vikas Bahl,
Star Cast Sunil Grover, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Ranveer Shorey,
Awards won Bollywood life actors award (2022) and Filmfare OTT awards(2021), won by Sunil Grover

About Director

Vikas Bahl is a film director and producer from India. He was born in New Delhi, India, on May 14, 1971. Bahl began his career as a television producer and director in the Indian film business. He eventually moved into filmmaking and became well-known in the Hindi cinema business.

The critically praised film "Queen" (2014), starring Kangana Ranaut, is one of Bahl's major directorial attempts. The film gained tremendous appreciation for its plot, directing, and performance by Ranaut. It was a financial success and received numerous honours, including the National Film Award for Best Hindi Feature Film.

Story of The Series

Neighbour disputes occur frequently in residential communities, however when someone is killed as a result of these conflicts, it is exceptional. The narrative of the online series 'Sunflower' is similar.

Sunflower is the name of a residential community in Mumbai. In this society, people of all classes and communities live together and have arguments for various reasons. The series' plot begins with a glass of coconut water. A neighbour keeps coconut water outside an apartment and pours some to it. That neighbour is Dr. Ahuja (Mukul Chadha), a university professor.

Raj Kapoor resides in the unit across the hall from him. Raj Kapoor is a businessman in society. His neighbour Ahuja is frequently at conflicts with Raj Kapoor over one or more issues, especially parking. Ahuja puts something in his coconut water to teach Raj Kapoor a lesson. Raj Kapoor now drinks the coconut water, and after doing so, he travels to another realm while sitting on the toilet.

The cops have now entered the community. The fight to discover the mystery of this murder begins under the leadership of Digendra (Ranveer Shorey) and Tambe (Girish Kulkarni). The suspicion is focused on Raj Kapoor's domestic maid and her neighbour Ahuja. Sonu Singh (Sunil Grover) becomes the prime suspect in the eyes of the police when his unusual behaviours are captured on CCTV video from the society.

Sonu looks to be a youngster stuck in the body of a 35-year-old man who ladies may be uncomfortable to take a ride with. He is attracted to women, but no one makes him feel anything. Sonu, on the other hand, is a great worker at work, but he is entirely lacking in social skills. The evidence of one murder after another led to Sonu Singh and Ahuja's conviction. Is there anything, however, that prevents the police from arresting them? What is that? One must watch the 'Sunflower' web series to find out.

About The Actors

The narrative of 'Sunflower' is quite monotonous, but the characters make it entertaining with their performance. Sunil Grover performed admirably in this role. Sunil has frequently appeared in comedic parts, but his performance in this series will astound you. Mukul Chadda performed the part of Ahuja, a lecturer with a quick temper, extremely well.

Ranvir Shorey has portrayed a cunning police officer. Ranveer was never shown smiling throughout the series. He has portrayed a police officer who is obsessed with solving the murder case. Girish Kulkarni has given the position of Police Inspector Tambe a hilarious spin. An inspector who has unlimited time to solve cases.

As a member of the community, Ashish Vidyarthi, on the other hand, is able to show everyone the importance of morality by his own example. He aspires to be the society's chairman. A chairman who believes that Muslims, homosexuals, eunuchs, and two-three married persons have no place in society. Every attempt was taken in this series to present each character differently in some way or another, and all of the performers performed well.

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