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What is the full form of SUV

SUV: Sport Utility Vehicle

SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. It is a specific type of four wheeler vehicle which can be run in all types of roads like Highways, City Roads, forest Roads, Country side and farmland. It is designed in a way to provide very spacious interior and sturdy exterior.

The term SUV is used for a large vehicle with raised ground clearance, designed to be used on rough surfaces but often in highways and City Roads also.

SUVs are one of the best option for on and off-road driving. These are known for their high ground clearance, upright, boxy body and high H point. The new models of SUVs are more aerodynamic, but the sheer size and weight of the vehicle make their fuel efficiency poor.

SUV full form

SUVs can be categorized in 5 types according to their interior space and size.

  • Mini SUVs
  • Compact SUVs
  • Mid-sized SUVs
  • Full-sized SUVs
  • Extended-length SUVs
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