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SVG <feTurbulence> Filter

The <feTurbulence>element is used to fill the rectangle with the new content. It allows you to produce the artificial textures for effects like marble, clouds.

It has five specific attributes:

  • type
  • numOctaves
  • seed
  • baseFrequency
  • stitchTiles.


The<feTurbulence> element has two values of type: turbulence and fractalNoise. Turbulence appears the stringier and fractalNoise looks cloudier. The default value of type is turbulence.


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It is the number of noise functions that should be added together when generating the final result.

Its default value is one. The larger this number shows the more fine-grained texture.


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The <feTurbulence>accepts a seed value that allows different scenes of the same characteristics to be generated from instance to instance.

Its default value is zero.


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The baseFrequency is used to control the scale or frequency of the noise. The value of baseFrequency must be greater than zero and should be less than one.

This attribute have two numbers. First number shows the frequency in the x direction and the second number shows the frequency in the y direction.


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