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What is the full form of SWAT

SWAT: Special Weapons and Tactics

SWAT stands for "Special Weapons and Tactics". It refers to a team of elite police officers in the United States. The team is trained to handle high-risk operations which are beyond the skills and abilities of regular police officers. The common duties of SWAT team include hostage rescue, counter-terrorism operations, arresting heavily-armed criminals, etc. Other countries also have their special teams to handle such situations.

Fullform Swat

The SWAT was created in the 1960s to protect the cities during riots or violent terrorist attack. The SWAT team members are equipped with advanced guns, firearms and other military equipment.

There are certain criteria which must be fulfilled in order to become a SWAT officer. The police officer must have served for a specific tenure before applying for such special teams. He has to pass physical agility, oral, written, psychological and various other tests to prove his suitability to be a part of the SWAT.

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