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What is the full form of TA & DA

TA & DA: Travelling Allowance & Dearness Allowance

TA & DA stands for Travelling Allowance and Dearness Allowance. It refers to the amount of money paid to the employees by their organization.

TA & DA full form

Travelling Allowance: It refers to the amount of money paid to the employee for the travelling and other expenses during a business tour. It usually includes the price of travel tickets, hotel bill and meal expenses, etc.

Some companies pay a fixed travelling allowance on a monthly basis and some companies require you to present the travel tickets, hotel bill and other bills to get the amount you spent on the business tour. Travelling allowances are fixed so the employee has to spend within the limits if he spends more then he has to bear the additional travelling expenses.

Dearness Allowance:It refers to the amount of money which is allotted to the pensioners and employees of government and public sector organizations. It is basically a cost of living allowance which helps people adjust their living cost. A specific percentage of basic salary is allotted as a dearness allowance to the employees. The dearness allowance varies from city to city as the living cost also varies from one place to another place; the cost of living in metro cities is more than smaller cities and rural areas.

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