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Taaza Khabar Reviews

A new web series, "Taaza Khabar," has been released on Disney plus Hotstar Ott platform. It was created and written by Abbas Dalal and Hussain Dalal and produced by Rohit Raj and Bhuvan Bam. The production company is BB Ki Vines. Cinematography is given by Remy Dalai and edited by Harshit Sharma. This web series has one season of 6 episodes. Each Episode consists of 30-40 minutes of playtime. A famous YouTuber, Bhuvan Bam, plays the lead role of Vasant Gawadein this series. He has a YouTube channel, BB ki Vines, and acted in a web series named Dhindora last year. It is shown in the series how this unique power of future prediction can be used uniquely.

Taaza Khabar Reviews

The Cast of the Web Series

  • Bhuvan Bam played the role of Vasant "Vasya" Gawade
  • Shriya Pilgaonkar played the role of Madhubala "Madhu."
  • J. D. Chakravarthy played the role of Shetty Anna
  • Deven Bhojani played the role of Mehboobv
  • Prathmesh Parab played the role ofRaja Chaturvedi, aka Peterv
  • Nitya Mathur played the role of Shahzia
  • Shilpa Shukla played the role of Aapa
  • Mithilesh Chaturvedi played the role of Billmoriya
  • Mahesh Manjrekar played the role of Kismat Bhai
  • Atisha Naik played the role of Vasant's Mother
  • Vijay Nikam played the role of Vasant's Father

Explanation of Series Episode by Episode

Episode 1: Khabardaar

The starting scene of this Episode shows a rich boy driving his luxury car. He is throwing currency notes at poor children in the street. He stops at some point and throws a bunch of notes on a person. That person is none other than Vasant itself. Vasant Gawde is watching a dream. He wakes up when one of his friends informs him that his mother and father are involved in a quarrel. When he reached home, he noticed his father beating his mother because she robbed Rupees 2000 from Shroff's house. She was robbed because she wanted to gift Vasant a shirt and a cake on his birthday. Vasant arranged money and handed it to Shroff, requesting that he not fire her mother from work

After completing his working shift, Vasant meets his only best friend, Peter. He told Peter that today was his birthday and he would meet his lover Madhu. She is a slut in the series. Vasant loves her very much. After some time, Aapa reached the room where both were present, and she asked Vasant to leave the room as Shetty Seth is coming. Shetty Seth is a powerful politician. Shetty Seth also wants Madhu, and he often visits her.

After that, Vasant returned to his workplace, the public toilet, where he learned that an old lady was lying unconscious in the washroom. He helps her to get up, cleans her, and drops her at her house. In favour, the old lady gives her a bangle and says Vasant will get everything before time. Vasant got confused. On the way, some people robbed him; they took All Shetty Seth's money that Aapa gave him to deliver. They smashed his face with the bangle the old lady gave and robbed it away. His face is poorly injured.

Shetty asks Madhu whether Vasant is her boyfriend, but she says nothing. He thinks of killing him but does not as per Madhu's wish. Before sleeping, Vasant installed the Khabardaar app. This app gives all the latest news about the city. The next day, he reads a notification on the Khabardaar app about heavy rain in Mumbai and the breaking of the Sodawala bridge after the inauguration, in which seven were injured and one died. He tells everything to Peter. He reached the inauguration venue and saw that bridge was safe. The next moment, the bridge got collapsed, and it started raining. Then he remembers the saying of that old lady that Vasant will start predicting the future. Episode one ends here.

Episode 2: Vardaan

The story goes into the past, which shows when Vasant met Madhu for the first time. The story returns to the hospital scene where injured people are being admitted. As Vasant reaches the hospital, a notification again rings on his phone. The notification reads about the power cut in Mumbai and the destruction of a bridge near Lal Bagh. Vasant tells everything to the doctor, but no one believes him. Peter takes him out of the hospital. The next scene opens in a cafe where Vasant is sitting with Madhu. He tells Madhu that someone has stolen the money that Shetty gave him, and now he must arrange money to return to him. He also tells her that he can predict the future in advance. He shows a notification to Madhu, which reads about an earthquake in Delhi, but Madhu cannot see anything on the mobile. Only Vasant can read those notifications. He is a unique man with unique powers. Madhu also does not believe him and leaves the place.

In the night, Vasant tells Peter about a new notification that gold is found in a pot in the Chor Bazaar. The next day they visited Chor bazaar and found an antique item shop in the market. They asked for the bill of the pot. The shopkeeper says it is 2 lakh rupees. Listening to this, Vasant drops the pot, and it breaks. Both leave the shop by running. The next moment, a British man bought that pot of 50 thousand rupees. Vasant and Peter read the subsequent notification that a Mumbai-based business Manish Bhosle answered a one Crore question in a live show. Vasant calls the wife of Manish and asks for 30 lakh rupees. In return, he will give them the answer to one crore questions. But they think their plan failed because Shahzia said that answer was wrong. Does Vasant think this is a boon or bane? With this suspense, Episode Two ends.

Episode 3: Azaadi

In this Episode, Manish wins the show. Vasant reaches Madhu and tells him that he has earned 30 lakh rupees. Manish's wife refuses to pay him 30 lakh rupees by saying that her husband won the show on his capability and Vasant did not help him. Listening to this, Madhu starts fighting with Manish's wife. After the fight, Vasant tells Madhu, Peter, and Mehboob Chacha that he has a Vardaan. Using this Vardaan, he can predict the future occurring. He warns Madhu to take out her money from the bank as the bank will shut down for a lifetime, but she does not believe him. The goons of Shetty come to Vasant and ask for the money. Vasant does not give them money, and a fight takes place there. After that, Madhu informs Vasant that all her money is drowned as the bank has shut down for a lifetime. Vasant next predicts that Bitcoin is going to increase by 15 times. Shahzia performs a case study on Bitcoin and explains that if you invest one rupee in Bitcoin and assume an increment of 15 times, one rupee will turn into 15. She borrows 2 lakh rupees from her boyfriend and invests in Bitcoin. As predicted by Vasant, their money turned to 30 lakhs from 2 lakhs. Wasim brought money through the bank and hand to Vasant.

Vasant takes this money and reaches the brothel to free Madhu from there. He says to Aapa that he is taking out Madhu for a lifetime. Both celebrate their romantic date on that night. The following day Vasant, Peter, Shahzia, Madhu, and Mehboob Chacha are sitting in the café and thinking about what to do next. Then Vasant notices two men betting on India vs England cricket match, and suddenly, he gets a notification on his mobile that India has won the match. Vasant cannot miss this opportunity; he bets with one of those two men in the match. In this way, Vasant wins 500 rupees. Shetty Seth changed his political party, and that party offered him a seat for the nomination for the post of Chief Minister. He reaches the brothel and looks for Madhu but does not find her there. He asked Aapa about her; she said she had gone with Vasant. What will happen after this? Does Shetty win the election? We will see it in the next Episode.

Taaza Khabar Reviews

Episode 4: Kismat

As we have seen previously, Vasant found a way to earn money. He starts trying his luck in betting. He starts betting with the name of Vardaan. He gets a notification before the match and always wins the game. In this way, he becomes a wealthy man with all his companions.

Aapa comes to know that Vasant is getting rich because of betting. He takes him to a place where they meet a person named Kismat Bhai. He is the person who is responsible for the considerable betting all over India. Kismat Bhai tells him that he knows that Vasantis the person behind the name of Vardaan. With the help of Kismat Bhai, Vasant makes a tremendous amount of money. While spending time with Madhu, he thinks of himself as God. He thinks so because he knows all the upcoming events of the future. The next moment police ring his doorbell and arrest him in the case of Cricket betting. After that, he receives a notification that some suspects are arrested for cricket betting.

With this suspense, episode 4 comes to an end. We will know whether Vasant comes out of jail in the next Episode.

Episode 5: Baazi

The story moved in the flashback when Vasant and Peter were kids. Both the boys were standing in front of Mehboob Chacha's shop. They were hungry and wanted to eat Pav, so they robbed it. Mehboob Chacha noticed them while doing so. Mehboob Chacha offers them extra Pav and asks whether they want to earn money. In reply to the positive response, Mehboob Chacha offered both two jobs. One is related to the delivery of products from Caffe, and the other is managing a public toilet. Peter chooses a delivery job, and a managerial job is given to Vasant.

The story returns to the present, where a policeman is beating Vasant. He asked him several questions, like who was betting with him. Vasant offered them a deal that he would give them some amount of money from his earnings. The Policeman accepts his deal and leaves him. This news reaches Shetty Seth, and he feels jealous. After this, he arranged a party meeting with the political party members. He tells them this is not a betting case; instead, it looks like something of a match-fixing scenario. They plan a secret operation against Vasant.

The next day Vasant bets as usual, and this time, the Policeman is also betting with him. This time his betting proves wrong, and he loses the money. The Policeman is sitting with Shetty Seth; he calls Vasant and scolds him for wrong guessing. At this, Vasant tells him that he is not a match-fixer and that his game is entirely based on guessing. If he wants to win, he should contact any fixer. The Policeman warns him to be put in jail. Vasant tells him he has his voice recording, in which the Policeman agrees to the betting. After listening to all this, Shetty Seth got angry but could not do anything right now. In the next scene, Vasant takes Madhu to the seashore, where he fights with Madhu. He tells her that he wants to propose to her for marriage. Then Madhu receives a call from Shetty Seth. He talks to her abusively and tells her that he had sent the goons for Vasant, and the Policeman followed his instruction to arrest Vasant. The Episode ends with the scene where Vasant is angry and loading his gun. What will happen next? We will see this in the next Episode.

Episode 6: Shraap

The Episode starts with Vasant driving his car with a gun in his hand. Then he receives a notification that a dog is missing and belongs to the house owner where his mother used to work. He finds the dog and blackmails the owner, and buys his house. He is a prominent businessman now who has contacts with celebrities. He is now the most popular public figure in the city, more than Shetty Seth. Vasant arranged a party where Shetty Seth also joined him. Shetty drops wine on his shoe and asks his worker to clean it. The worker is none other than the father of Vasant. Vasant feels very embraced at this moment. He gets a notification of the leaked MMS of Shetty and Madhu. Vasant kiss, Suhani. He throws money at the person sitting at the public toilet. The Episode ends here.


This series contains drama, action, thrill, suspense, and fantasy. Vasant works as a cashier in a public toilet. The idea of realism in his life is well-maintained throughout the series. The plot of this web series is unique and depends on the concept of future prediction. Vasant experienced a miracle in his life; he started seeing the future in the present. At the start of the series, he is poor, kind-hearted, and humble. He does not judge people by their profession. As the series moves forward, it is shown how a man changes when money comes to him. After 2-3 episodes, the transition, emotional change, and character are missing in the series. The acting of Bhuvan Bam is impressive in the series. If you haven't watched this series yet, consider this series to watch in your free time. This series does not bore you.

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