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Tabbar Movie Review


Family, an Indian Hindi-Punjabi bilingual mystery streaming television series that Harman Wadala developed and wrote, Ajitpal Singh directed, and Ajay G. Rai produced for SonyLIV debuted on October 15, 2021.

The film's lead actors include Supriya Pathak, Pavan Malhotra, Gagan Arora, Kanwaljit Singh, and Ranvir Shorey.

Tabbar Movie Review

Plot Overview

The family dealing with the fallout from an unintentional murder is the focus of SonyLIV's original criminal drama "Tabbar," which is about how they are forced to take extreme means to ensure their temporary safety.

Omkar Singh (Pavan Raj Malhotra) and his partner, Sargun (Supriya Pathak), are driving at night when the story opens, and Sargun seems ill. They halt the vehicle, take a body out of the vehicle, and cremate it. Sargun attempts suicide but Omkar intervenes to stop her.

She holds that God won't ever pardon them, but Omkar counters that if God was present, they would not be in this situation. The action then cuts to a previous time when Omkar is caring for his sick wife as well as their younger child Tegi, who aspires to be a YouTube celebrity. The family excitedly anticipates the arrival of Happy, their older son, who is in Delhi studying for the UPSC examinations.

Tabbar Movie Review

When Maheep Sodhi (Rachit Bahal) shows up at their home while Happy is there, he claims that their luggage bags were switched. Tigi steals a parcel from Happy's luggage believing it to be a gift but it contains narcotics that Maheep was trying to smuggle.

In the commotion that ensues when Maheep returns to get the parcel while holding the entire family at gunpoint, Sargun attacks him, while Happy shoots him.

The family decides to get rid of the body since they are aware of the repercussions of turning themselves in. Ajeet Sodhi (Ranvir Shorey), a businessperson turned politician who is also Maheep's brother, is looking for him, so when the body is discovered, tension increases.

Multan (Ali Mughal), Ajeet's trusty aide, surrounds the family while searching via recordings from CCTV and other sources for evidence. The family's only guideline is "Family first," which forces them to make poor choices and hide their transgressions amid the mayhem.

After Maheep is slain, Tegi tries to convince his father and brother to earn some money by selling the narcotics they discovered on Maheep. He discusses this concept with a friend of his, with whom he runs a YouTube channel in partnership.

The friend introduces Tegi to a narcotics dealer who brings him to speak with his boss and persuades Tegi to cheat on his family. The leader, who turns out to be a Multan-affiliated spy, kidnaps Tegi and abuses him to learn where the drugs come from. Multan can pinpoint Omkar's clan as the perpetrators thanks to this information.

Ajeet is accused by Omkar and Happy of killing his brother. Happy attempts to hide the drug bag in Ajeet's car while working at Ajeet's workplace. He gets captured and tortured by Ajeet's rival.

Omkar rescues him and admits to killing Maheep. He tries to work out a compromise with the opponent, but the other guy betrays him and says that if he withdraws from the race, Ajeet would get the murderers. In the ensuing confusion, Ajeet kills Omkar by pretending he is being falsely accused by Ajeet's rival.

Tabbar Movie Review

As they depart, Ajeet notices the true killer when he hears an alarm on Omkar's watch. Omkar, however, has already tainted Ajeet's water to stop a further altercation.

Happy acknowledges stopping his coaching classes and taking out a sizable loan. Additionally, he admits that he stole Maheep's bag of narcotics after seeing Maheep using it in the train's lavatory.

Suneel (Babla Kochhar), Omkar's neighbor who had a brief discussion with Maheep before Maheep was killed, becomes suspicious after seeing Maheep's footage on drug use go viral, recognizes Maheep while Multan and his followers arrive to search for him in the neighborhood, steals the revolver used in the shooting, then uses it to blackmail Omkar before Omkar eliminates Suneel and phases it as a suicide.

Happy's cousin Lucky (Paramveer Singh Cheema), a police officer, becomes intrigued by the case after observing the family's peculiar behavior following the murder. When he notices blood spots on his uniform, he pulls Maheep's CCTV footage.

After listening to an interaction between Happy and his father, Lucky gathers information independently and draws connections. Suneel's daughter Palak (Nupur Nagpal), Lucky's fiancée, tells him that she discovered a snatched debit card on the terrace stairs.

Later, she admits that Happy diverted her to elude the police and staged the theft to defend Lucky along with his father.

Lucky was killed because he was about to announce the murder when his burned body was presented in the opening scene. Sargun's state of mind deteriorates when Maheep is killed, and she begins to associate the sound of a crow cawing in the backyard with bad omens.

Tabbar Movie Review

Sargun sees blood on the surfaces, her hands are stained with the blood, as well as there are victims of murder all around her as she begins to dream. Because she believes that putting herself in is her only chance to be cleansed of her guilt, she starts journaling about the incident and her emotions on her walls. Additionally, she calls them and tries to clarify what happened.

Omkar sees that things have gone out of hand and that he can no longer safeguard his family despite his attempts to repress those who intervened.

In flashbacks, a young Omkar is seen assuring Sargun that he always prioritized his family. Omkar regrettably taints the meals he prepares for his spouse to save their future.

Review Of Tabbar Movie

Rammat-Gammat, a short film by Ajitpal Singh that can be watched on MUBI, takes place in Gujarat. Fire On The Mountain, his debut feature film, is situated in Uttarakhand and is now screening at film festivals.

Tabbar, his debut web series, is set in Punjab. Although the geographic location changes, the director's control remains the same.

Tabbar Movie Review

Whatever the platform, Singh's exceptional command of the media is unmatched and engrossing. The two Rammat-Gammat & Fire In The Mountains may bear the indie stamp, in which a character's stare eventually evolves to signify so many different things that it becomes pointless to name them all.

It explains why so many of these films are difficult for anyone, including me, to sit through. There is so much interiority, but no insight. Singh, though, insists on counting, and thus invested.

Harman Wadala, who also co-wrote Tabbar with Sandeep Jain, takes his perspective to the forefront of modern culture. And he makes use of Shakespearean theatrics for this. The parents of the wastrel Tegi (Sahil Mehta) as well as the IPS aspirant Happy (Gagan Arora), the stern Omkar (Pavan Raj Malhotra) as well as the outgoing Sargun (Supriya Pathak Kapur), are unexpectedly caught in a crossfire, killing the drug-dealing brother of a nearby businessman-politician (Ranvir Shorey) within their residence.

The issue of illicit substances in Punjab, a fraud and a threat, is not central to the narrative but rather creeps in oddly. There are no monologue-worthy morals in this show. It is concerning the tangled consequences of decisions.

The first episode establishes the dramatic cartwheeling that leads to this fabricated, improbable moment of murder with intricacy and languor - a lot of accidental, a bunch of hand-waving play. That wouldn't have happened if only this had not happened. Still, it did.

Now that the body has been discovered, the entire family must attempt to dispose of it. What was once intended to be a single murder with a single alibi now becomes a labyrinth of deceit, lies, and counter-lies, blood, & suicide, all to keep the family bound, alive, and out of jail.

The shipment of cocaine that unintentionally ends up at Omkar's house is in the middle of this cover-up. People will travel there to seize it, consume it, and even kill for it.

Tabbar Movie Review

A staggering quantity of drama is present, and a similar amount of coincidence serves to advance it. A credit card, a watch alarm, or an earphone keeps disappearing, and the eight-part show's complex logic of one murder shielding you from being charged with another keeps things moving. People fall by every so often as they drop dead.

As Tabbar is not the most intelligent program, many of the compounding issues are eventually solved by simple remedies that turn into simple issues in a subsequent episode. At times, it has a stunning level of convenience and comes close to being narratively careless.

The use of Baba Farid's weirdly transcribed couplets as epigraphs followed by lines for the background soundtrack add literary flourishes, but they have little impact other than when Daler Mehendi is instructed to scream so loudly that you swell up with goosebumps. Do you recall the scene from Mirzya where Mehndi's voice abruptly and unprovoked appeared on the screen, just like love itself?

The drama that the program creates is tightly woven around its characters, and it does so with remarkable charisma.

Tabbar Movie Review


Ajeet is accused by Omkar and Happy of killing his brother. Happy attempts to hide the drug bag in Ajeet's car while working at Ajeet's workplace. He gets captured and tortured by Ajeet's rival. Omkar rescues him and admits to killing Maheep.

Tabbar Movie Review

The film follows the path of a former cop who goes above and beyond the call of duty to protect his loved ones from the fallout of a tragic event. Also the film follows the story of a former cop who goes above and beyond the call of duty to protect the ones he loves from the fallout of a traumatic event.

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