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Tableau File Types

Tableau's output after data analysis can be saved into different formats, which further can be distributed into different platforms.

There are various forms of different file categories, and the multiple different extensions identify them. Their extension depends on how it produces and for what purposes they are used in which format.

These all are generally stored as xml file format, and it can be easily open and edited.

You can save your work using several different Tableau specific file types such as bookmarks, workbooks, data extracts, packaged data files, and data connection files. Each of these files is described below in detail:

Type File Extension Purpose
Tableau workbook (.twb) Tableau workbook can hold one or more worksheets, and also hold zero or more stories and dashboards.
Tableau Bookmarks (.tbm) Tableau bookmarks can hold a single worksheet that can be easily shared, and pasted into other workbooks.
Tableau Packaged workbook (.twbx) Tableau packaged workbook is a single zip file which contains a workbook along with any supporting local file data and background images. This is the best way to package your work for sharing with others who don't have access to the original data.
Tableau data Extract (.hyper or .tde) Tableau data extract is a local copy of the entire data set. It is used to share the data with others when you worked offline, and want to improve the performance.
Tableau data Source (.tds) Tableau data source file is a shortcut for quickly connecting to the original data that you use regularly. Data source file does not contain the actual data, and they only contain the necessary information to connect with the actual data. You can modify the top of the actual data such as creating calculated fields, changing default properties, adding groups, and so on.
Tableau Packaged Data Source (.tdsx) Tableau packaged data source is very similar to the tableau data source, but it has an addition of data along with the connection details.
Tableau Preferences (.tps) This file stores the color preferences, which is used among all the datasheets. It is also used to generate a customized look for the users.

These files are saved in the associated folders in the My Tableau Repository directory, which is created in your My Documents folder by default when you install Tableau. Also, Your work files can be saved in other locations, such as a network directory or your desktop.

How to Change the Tableau Repository Location

You can be specified a new location for the Tableau repository if you are not using the default location in your Document folders.

For example: If you want to have your data on a network server instead of your local machine, then you can see the remote repository.

  1. Select File then go to Repository Location.
  2. Select a new folder that will be the new repository location in the select a repository dialog box.
  3. Restart Tableau then it uses the new repository.

Changing the repository location does not include the original repository. Alternatively, Tableau creates a new repository where you can store your files.

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