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Using the Workspace Control Effectively

If you are addicted to working with spreadsheets or other analysis tools, learning Tableau's desktop environment will be helpful. If you have no familiarity with spreadsheets or database terminology, you can still be effectively using Tableau within a few days.

The Data Connection Page and Start Page

Open Tableau, and you see the start page of Tableau Desktop.

Using the Workspace Control Effectively

On the left side, the data window gives connection options. If you click on that to connect to the Data, you are taken to the data connection workspace. You can also access this page by clicking on the hard disk tab which is next to the Start button. If you want to connect to one of the data sources listed On a Server section, you must to go to Tableau?s website and download a connector for the required database. Here is no limit on the number of data connection drivers you can install, but some dealer requires that you validate a valid license to their software before downloading their connector.

On the right side of the Connect to the Data page, you will see saved data connections. Tableau provides four as sample data for learning. Any other links you have collected (.tds files) are displayed there as well. Return to the Home button and look at the Workbooks area in the start page. The Workbooks area saves the last nine workbooks you've opened. If you want to keep a workbook there that you frequently use, go over the workbook image and click on the push pin. That will prevent the workbook from being cycled out of view.

Using the Workspace Control Effectively1

To remove saved workbooks from the start page click on the red X that appears when you float over the workbook's image. At the bottom of this start page, the Getting Started area provides links to training videos and promotional materials. The sample workbook area provides links to sample workbooks containing excellent example material. Clicking on More Samples takes you to Tableau's visual gallery on the web with even more example workbooks.

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