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DB Connection

In this section, we will be centralizing the Database connection in Talend studio for a data integration platform.

Talend provides some technique that is used to read and write data to the database and also manage the tables present in the database.

We have a different type of Database connection available in the Talend studio, but here we will describe the most commonly used DB connection, which is as follows:

MySQL Connection

MySQL database is an Open-source tool, which means anyone can use it. It is developed by Oracle Corporation. 

We can easily download from the internet and use it without spending anything.

It is a Database management system that allows us to manage relational databases and also helps us to add access, and process data that store in a computer database as MySQL Server.

The server of MySQL database is high-speed, scalable, reliable, and easy to use.

MySQL can run on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and UNIX, etc.

Refer to the link below, to see how we use the MySQL DB connection in Talend open Studio.

JDBC Connection

JDBC is a Java API which helps us to create a connection between the Java language and a vast range of databases. JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity.

The JDBC is a Java API that uses the JDBC drivers to connect with the database and also access any tabular data, and the data stored in a relational database.

Refer to the below link to see how we use the JDBC connection in Talend open Studio.

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