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Tata Nexon EV Max Dark Edition

The Tata Nexon EV Max dark edition is a special variant launched by Tata Nexon EV and features a unique and stylish design in the market. The Tata Nexon EV is an electric compact SUV that combines the practicality and versatility of the regular Nexon with the benefits of electric propulsion that fact impacts not only the environment but also is a pocket-friendly option.

Here are some key aspects you can expect from Nexon EV Max dark edition, which might also apply to the other Nexon EV cars as well.

Tata Nexon EV Max Dark Edition


Nexon Ev dark edition is a newly launched car for the Indian market by Tata Motors. The car has a beautiful black shade with a muscular design, with the bold front grill and sleek LED headlights that add a class to the vehicle. The car has a sporty appearance and high ground clearance, making it absolutely suitable for traffic-affected areas and light off-road driving.

Electric Power Strain

An electric motor powers the Nexon EV and has a high-capacity battery pack. If we consider Nexon EV Max Exit Plus Dark Edition, the charging time it takes is up to 15 hours. This vehicle's Max power is 141.04 BHP, with a seating capacity of 5 people. This outstanding vehicle has a battery capacity of 40.5 kWh, a Max torque of 250 nm, a range of 453 kilometers, and a body type of SUV.

Range and Charging

The range of various vehicles depends upon various factors like driving conditions, speed, and air conditioning usage. The vehicle may feature different driving modes that affect the range as well. The Nexon EV has a sufficient range for daily commuting and shorter trips, but it is always recommended to check the official specifications or contact the dealership for accurate range figures.

According to the critics, the car has a battery capacity of 40.5 kWh, and the charging time it requires is 15 hours. It has a ground layering of 190 and has a boot space of 350 liters with the body type of SUV, and it is a masculine and robust car. As far as the range of the vehicle is concerned, the price of Tata Nexon EV Max plus lux dark edition in New Delhi is ?19.0 4,00,000, which is an ex-Showroom price.

Interior and Features

As far as the outside of this vehicle is concerned, it is vast in size and gives a classy black look. It has amazing LED lights that are primarily made in such a color that highlights on black.

The Interior of the car is based on the theme-dark theme leather seats with door trims, with try alloy perforations which give a luxurious feel to the person sitting inside the car. The car has a dark theme gloss piano black interior theme in which the basics of the car are highlighted with blue LED lights that give a premium and classy look. The LED lights can be seen on the AC, windshields and also somewhere near the speedometer, which will give the driver an exclusive drive.

Tata Nexon EV Max Dark Edition

Charging Infrastructure

As electric vehicles become more popular around the globe, the charging infrastructure is expanding, but it may still vary in different regions. It is important to consider the availability of charging stations and the charging time that is required to charge your vehicle.

First charging options can significantly reduce your charging time. As far as the charging performance of this vehicle is concerned, according to the statement given by the company, this vehicle gets a fast charge of almost 0% to 80% in just 56 minutes and goes up to zero to 100 kilometer per hour in under 9 seconds with the torque of 250 nm and the amazing part is that this vehicle has an ARAI certified range of 453 hashtag kilometer.

This vehicle is absolutely perfect for people who want to protect the environment and also want to enjoy a smooth and comfortable, luxurious drive with their family and friends. This car is absolutely perfect for a family with 5 members. The best part is that this car has an amazing Boot space, which is perfect for families who love to travel with huge luggages and want to enjoy a completely smooth room vacation.

Appearance and Looks

Tata has found a way to give Indian buyers a convenience that too in black-coloured cars with their dark edition. The dark edition cars have been hugely popular, and are continuously gaining the streak of Indian buyers as Tata has introduced the theme on the Nexon EV Max as well.

Now let us talk about what's new on the outside of this brand-new card that is gaining much attention on the road.

The car that Tata makes is exclusively black in colour, but it is different from other EV cars as it is black in colour but has a blue coloured accen In the car you will notice that the humanity line and the FUX skid plate has been blacked out.

Tata Nexon EV Max Dark Edition

Over this side, you will see the blue coloured window line that has been blacked out by the company with a fine blue shine, with the beautiful side doors you will also get a dark badge on the fenders and you may also notice that the metallic black shade has plenty of flakes that are giving it a classy look the car has a 16 inch alloy wheels that have a similar design as the regular Nexon EV Max but are finished in Greece black shade which gives it a new look.

IMO regular duotone alloys look better in the car, and when it comes to the roof, the roof of the car also has a finished shiny black look with a shine of blue. As compared to the regular cars launched by Tata, this car has Tata X Factor strip that is also finished in black and looks way much sexier than the other cars.

It also has a Chrome Nexon badge that is all in black and placed on a black sheet with the shiny white Nexon written over it with EV Max written as a bluish shine. Just like the front, the rear FUX skid plate is also finished in the black shiny shade.

Interior And Accessories

When you will sit inside the car, you will notice that the dashboard is all black and looks beautiful. The biggest change that is launched by Tata in the inside apart from the design is the new 10.25-inch touch screen that works as an entertainment source for the people sitting inside the car.

The dashboard has a try alloyed detailing that gives you a classy look. The door pad, including the leather insert near the arm set which gives comfort to the people who are enjoying in the car. The door handles are finished in polished black shade. The dark edition comes with black leather upholstery that gives comfort, style, and a new look to the car with dark invoicing on the headrest and contrast blue stitching gives it a stylish look.

When we have a look at the rear seat with the black upholstery, you will see comfort, and the cushion seats give a relax travel feel. Even the roof liner and the sunroof control panel are finished in black and are placed at the top of the car that is the rooftop, making it accessible to everyone who is sitting in the car.

The new 10.25 inch touch screen that is launched by Tata is provided by Harman who has a high resolution display of almost 1920 * 720. Tata has given a statement that they have enhanced the audio performance with sharp notes and bass performance for the people who love to listen to music while driving the comfortable vehicles. You can also experience multiple widgets on the home screen.

There is an also an inbuilt air purifier and you can check the AQI at anytime while driving the vehicle through which you can ensure the air quality and comfort. The menu screen is well laid out and you can also get quick shortcuts on top of the touch screen, making your AQI much more convenient and accessible.

Tata Nexon EV Max Dark Edition

When we have a look at the reversing camera, Tata has done a mesmerizing job in this as well. The display is showcased to be clear and you can also have a close up angle that you can choose according to your convenience.

You also get adaptive guidelines and can switch to a full screen display at any time while reversing the vehicle. Another noticeable small change that is provided in Nexon EV Max is that Tata has added another level of regeneration in the vehicle. You can now get a total of 5 levels that is zero, one, 2, 3, and 4 giving you a feel of comfortable driving.

What Is the Boot Space In Tata Nexon EV Max?

When it comes to various versions of Tata Nexon EV Max like XM 3.3 kW XM 7.2 kW fast charger and many others, all of them have a boot space of 350 litres. But it has to be noted every car has a different price range starting from 6.4 9,00,000 and leading up to 19.5 4,00,000.

Version Name Ex Showroom price in India Fuel Type Boot Space IN litres
XM 3.3 KW 16.4 9,00,000 electric 350 litres
XM 7.2 kW fast charger 16.9 9,00,000 Electric 350 litres italic previous
XZ plus 3.3 kW 17.4 9,00,000 electric 350 litres
XZ plus 7.2 kw fast charges 17.9 9,00,000 electric 350 littres
XZ plus lux 3.3 kW 18.7 9,00,000 electric 350 litres
XZ plus lux 3.3 kW dark edition 19.0 4,00,000 electric 350 litres

How Many Colours Are Available In Nexon Evmax?

Version Name Ex Showroom Price in India Colours Available
XM 3.3 kW 16.4 9,00,000 Intense teel, Daytona grey and pristine white
XM 7.2 kW fast charger 6.9 9,00,000 Intense teel, grey pristine white
Exit plus 3.3 kW 7.49 Mac Intense teel, Daytona grey and pristine white
Exit plus 7.2 kW fast charger 17.9 9,00,000 Intense teel, Daytona grey and pristine white
Exit plus lux 3. 18.7 9,00,000 Intense teel, Daytona grey, and pristine white
XZ plus lux 3.3 kW dark edition 19.0 4,00,000 midnight black
XN lux 7.2 kW fast charger 19.2 9,00,000 Intense teel , grey and pristine white

Overall, this car costs more than the basic Nexon EV Max by Rs 55,000 because it has the upgraded touchscreen, whereas most Dark Edition devices cost an extra Rs 20,000. Priced at Rs 18.49 lakh (ex-showroom) for the standard XZ+ Lux and Rs 18.99 lakh (ex-showroom) for the XZ+ Lux with the 7.2kW charger trims, respectively.

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