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Tata Punch I-CNG Review


The TATA Punch is one of the brand's most successful vehicles at thismoment. At the 2023 Expo, the business displayed a CNG version of the punch with the same look as the normal car. Tata entered the CNG market with the Tiago CNG and Tigor CNG vehicles.

This CNG model has an engine that produces maximum power and maximum torque. The car's compressed natural gas (CNG) engine provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to standard gasoline-powered vehicles without sacrificing performance.

The CNG engine emits fewer emissions, making it an excellent alternative for anyone concerned about the surroundings. The new Tata Punch CNG is an exceptionally tiny car that is loaded with features, comfort, and practicality. With the addition of an SUV body, the Tata Punch has all the characteristics necessary to compete in the class.

Tata Punch I-CNG Review

Detailed Description

Tata Punch CNG Features

Tata Punch CNG is a good choice to consider. The small SUV includes noteworthy features that make it effective and useful. In its initial place, the Tata Punch CNG has a potent engine that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG), a fuel source far more environmentally friendly than conventional petrol.

Additionally, the Tata Punch CNG has a smooth-shifting, fuel-efficient manual gearbox that improves fuel efficiency. Several practical features, such as power windows, central locking, and an entertainment system, are also included with the Tata Punch CNG.

A sunroof has recently been included as a feature ofthe Punch i-CNG. It has a voice-activated electric sunroof. Other options available with this CNG vehicle include automatic climate control, LED DRLs, projector headlamps, 16-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, a 7-inch instrument cluster, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and more.

The Punch i-CNGhas six airbags in addition to the other safety features found on the normal version. The automobile is then turned off while refuelingby a micro switch. In addition, Tata Motors uses cutting-edge materials in the CNG kit to stop leaks. And, lest we forget, the Punch can be directly started with CNG, unlike other CNG vehicles that must first be started on petrol before switching to CNG while the engine is working.


The nine colors available for the Tata Punch are- Atomic Orange with Black Roof, Tropical Mist with Black Roof, Daytona Grey with Black Roof, Orcus White with Black Roof, Grassland Beige with Piano Black Roof, Tornado Blue with White Roof, Calypso Red with White Roof, Meteor Bronze with Black Roof, and Foliage Green with White Roof.

Engine Performance

The Tata Punch CNG is powered by a 1.2L 3-cylinder Revotron engine, leading to a minor loss of torque and power. The manual gearbox of this tiny SUV has an output of between 70 and 75 horsepower and 100 nm of torque. The estimated fuel efficiency for the Punch CNG is 30 km per liter.

A five-speed manual gearbox is paired with the same 1.2 Liter CNG engine as the Tiago and Tigor CNG models, which produces around 85 horsepower and 113 torque in petrol mode. Two tiny CNG tanks are placed in the spare tire compartment to conserve boot space, freeing up about 366 liters. The vehicle had a 26 km range when it was introduced. In June 2023, the vehicle has been debuted with the Altroz CNG.

Tata Punch I-CNG Review

Exterior Interior

The moment you enter, everything feels comfortable. The cabin is well-designed and easily accessible for the driver and front passenger, while not being particularly innovative or unique. The fit, finish, and quality are all on par with those offered by Punch's rivals in this market area. Mostly vertically oriented squares and rectangles make up the control panel.

Punch's CNG variant's exterior, interior, and design have not yet been shown, although it is anticipated that they will be the same as the conventional model. The base model's excellent features, such as power steering, automatic climate control, anti-lock brakes, front fog lights, heaters, accessory power outlets, cruise control, rear parking sensors, engine start/stop buttons, USB ports, and more are all present in the CNG version.

Mileage Transmission

The tiny SUV now produces 100-120 Nm of torque because of the minor reduction in power and torque. The vehicle has five seats and only has a manual gearbox. Up to 30 km per liter can be achieved. A petrol engine is also available for the car, and it may be mated with either a standard five-speed manual gearbox or an additional five-speed AMT gearbox. Due to their comparable cost, the Mahindra KUV100 NXT, Maruti Ignis, select trims of the Nissan Magnite, and Renault Kiger all compete against the Tata Punch.

CNG Launch and Price

The 2023 Tata Punch CNG is most likely going to have a single engine-transmission setup, with estimated ex-showroom prices starting at Rs. 6.96 lacks and going as high as Rs. 10.15 lakh. Although the Tata Punch CNG's anticipated price is unknown, conventional petrol or diesel vehicles are usually more expensive. CNG is more affordable than petrol or diesel, and it also burns cleaner and emits fewer pollutants.

On a full tank of petrol, the Tata Punch CNG should travel roughly 250 miles. It is therefore perfect for short commutes and city driving. Modern conveniences like touchscreen infotainment systems, automatic climate control, and cutting-edge safety measures are also included in the car.

Tata Punch CNG Technical Specifications

Tata Punch CNG can run on petrol or compressed natural gas and has a 36-liter fuel tank. The Tata Punch CNG has dual airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, and a reverse camera as standard safety equipment. It can also travel over difficult roads and uneven terrain because of its 187 mm ground clearance.

Tata Punch I-CNG Review


When compared to conventional petrol or diesel engines, its compressed natural gas (CNG) engine dramatically reduces emissions. It not only improves the environment but also lowers the cost of fuel. The Tata Punch CNG also has security precautions like twin airbags and an anti-lock braking system (ABS), making it a safe alternative for users.

Its large seat and elegant design make it an excellent choice for people looking for a car that combines functionality and beauty. Thus, the Tata Punch CNG is a good choice if you want a dependable, efficient, and environmentally friendly car.

Booking Procedure for Tata Punch CNG

The process of booking a Tata Punch CNG is straightforward. To begin, go to the Tata Motors website and look for the Punch CNG model. You can then select your chosen colorand variant. You'll be asked to provide your information and contact information. Following the submission of your booking request, a Tata Motors employee will contact you to confirm your order and provide additional information. You may also be able to schedule a test drive or look into financing possibilities at this time.


Effective Styling

Tata Punch features adistinctive style and SUV-like characteristics. Tata has acted wisely by introducing a compact SUV that appeals to a wider audience given the rising nature of this sector in the Indian market. Punch features a contemporary design overall, whether it be the dual-tone colorscheme that is offered, the body cladding all over, or the split headlamp design.

5 Star Security

The only vehicle in the sector to receive five stars in the Global NCAP crash test rating is the Tata Punch. In addition, Punch has a high-speed alert system, front seat belt reminders, dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, reverse parking sensors, and more safety features. Traction control is also added to the Punch's AMT version.

The Tata Punch not only has a contemporary appearance, but it also has the newest features. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a bigger touchscreen infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster, automatic climate control, cruise control, push-button start/stop, steering-wheel tilt adjustment, projector headlights,LED taillights, etc are also there.

Tata Punch I-CNG Review


Insufficient Steering Reaction

One of our complaints about the Tata Punch isits lack of steering reaction. At town speeds, the steering is light and responsive, but at highway speeds, it lacks the assurance that the driver requires. The same thing happens when making steeper turns.

Tata is providing an AMT option for the Punch from the beginning, which we welcome, although we wish the automatic gearbox were better. The AMT performs a good job of providing clutch-free driving, but it still has drawbacks and is not as enjoyable to drive as a manual.

Although the Punch has a nice appearance, we can't completely rule out the overuse of plastics. While the outward style makes sense, we wish the cabin had a somewhat higher-quality fit and finish in terms of the plastics employed. The higher-spec models could have at least included soft-touch plastics.

Personal Review

You may be curious about what other people think of Tata Punch CNG. The Tata Punch CNG has received mostly favorablereviews, with many applauding its fuel efficiency and roomy interior. The CNG engine in the automobile is particularly impressive because it offers excellent mileage without compromising power or performance.

The Punch's safety measures, comfy seats, and user-friendly technology have also gotten great accolades. The car's suspension could be better, according to some reviews, but generally, the Tata Punch CNG is a good option for anyone searching for a reasonably priced, environmentally friendly vehicle that doesn't skipon pleasure or design.


In conclusion, Tata Punch CNG is something worth looking at. It's an excellent choice for individuals who wish to save on fuel expenditures and lessen their carbon footprint due to its impressive mileage, minimal emissions, and inexpensive pricing.

Power steering, power windows, and an entertainment system with Bluetooth connectivity are just a few of the many amenities that come standard with the car, which makes it pleasant and convenient to drive. In addition, the vehicle boasts dual airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, and other safety features because it has beenbuilt with safety in mind.

Tata Punch CNG FAQ

Q. What is the Tata Punch delivery schedule?

Answer: From the day of booking, all Tata Punch types require a waiting period of two to six weeks.

Q. What is the Tata Punch's fuel capacity?

Answer: The Tata Punch can hold 37 liters of petrol.

Q. Is Tata Punch a good investment?

Answer: One of the safest vehicles currently assessed by Global NCAP is the Tata Punch. In comparison to the Tata Nexon, Altroz, and even the Mahindra XUV300, the Punch received higher points. For adult occupant safety, it received 5 stars, while for kid occupant safety, it received 4 stars.

Q. What makes Tata Punch unique?

Answer: The Tata Punch offers a single petrol engine. The 1199 cc petrol engine is used. Both a manual and automatic gearbox are offered. The Punch has a mileage range of 20.09 kmpl depending on the model and the kind of fuel used.

Q. Does CNG shorten engine life?

Answer: The most frequently asked question is whether using CNG as fuel decreases engine life. CNG does not shorten the life of the vehicle's engine if it is factory-fitted and properly maintained.

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