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Teachers Day Essay

Teachers have the potential to mould future leaders in the best way possible for society. They help construct good and inspire future generations and design society on a local and global scale accordingly. Teachers, in fact, have the foremost essential job in the world. Those that affect society's youngsters can transform the lives of those children and everyone's life.

Teachers Day Essay

Children follow what they learn early in their lives and also apply what they have learned to make an impact on society. It is a common saying that today's young will become tomorrow's leaders, and instructors always have the responsibility to educate the youth during their formative years.

Brief History behind Teachers' Day

Teachers Day Essay

Since the beginning of education, teachers have been appreciated all over the world for their selfless service, whether it is practical or book knowledge. They need to be considered as makers of a nation. They make sure to teach kids from age five or six until they are 18 to 20 years of age so that they can face and fight life difficulties, helping them survive in their life for a better future. It is said that a child's early education determines the kind of person they will become, mainly in the hands of their teachers.

It is considered somewhat wrong not to express gratitude for the dedication shown by the teachers. To laud the teachers for their accomplishments and services, UNESCO started the tradition of celebrating Teachers' Day worldwide on 5th October 1994. However, in India, Teachers' Day is widely celebrated on the 5th of September every year in honour of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a scholar, teacher and politician, for his exemplary contribution to the education sector.

A Day to remember our Dearest Teachers

The influence an educator makes on an individual extends even beyond the classroom. Teachers make an incredible effort to understand their students and cater to them wholeheartedly. They care much about moulding their students' character, helping them grow into compassionate and making socially responsible individuals. Teachers' day is an event for us to remember our dear teachers and be grateful for their roles in our lives.

A teacher is the building block on which a society is built. The responsibility of educators or teachers is enormous as they perform the job of shaping intellectual and creative minds that turn out to be the future of society. In Dr Radhakrishnan's opinion, "Teachers should be the simplest minds in the country". Celebrated in his honour, Teachers' day may be a day to remember, appreciate, applaud and thank our teachers for providing us intellectual and moral guidance and support.

Impact of Teachers on Students' Lives

No matter how old we grow, there are some teachers with whom we would like to share the progress we make in our lives, some who understand and believe us more than our parents do, and some whom we might run to no matter when and where we catch sight of them and some who turn out to be great friends apart from being fantastic teachers. Teachers' day may be a chance to let these teachers know how much influence they have made in our lives. Sometimes, it's just another occasion; it is not necessary that you have to wait until Teachers' day to show your gratitude towards them for their constant love and support.

Despite all this, it is the present day, an era in which teachers are disrespected and disregarded, no matter how hard they try to educate and empower students; it is happening every day like it is necessary. It's a pain to see teachers being accused for various reasons, sometimes for no fault. In such an environment, Teachers' days are often a day for teachers to rethink their roles and responsibilities and for students to understand the importance of having teachers who care for them. The arrogance of today's youth proves that they need to be taught how teachers influence the lives of students. It's a shame that what people think of as "cool" is the polar opposite of "cool". Do they forget that teachers and our parents mould our lives? It is recommended to honour our teachers on Teacher's Day by giving them some wonderful Teacher's Day gifts. Also, we can ask them to cut and eat the cake ordered by the student council body to celebrate Teacher's Day and make this date memorable. This is to show gratitude for how they reflect or influence our lives and how they help to improve performance and behaviour, making us a better version of ourselves. Here are some reasons why students should be grateful to teachers:

To be Honest

Instructors have a crucial role in the lives of their students that is not only limited to teaching specific courses or academics but also boosting students' self-esteem by invoking their self-motivating, self-driven attitude.

Aid in Self-Esteem

Adverse comments from our teachers help us to be a better version of ourselves. Comments and suggestions like these help us stay motivated and help us turn our "impossible" duties into "everything is possible" activities. Moreover, their unfavourable comments boost our confidence and help us overcome life's challenges.

Keep us going

They teach us to be more grounded or unselfish. They show us that expressing vulnerability will not damage our self-esteem and that being appreciative of something will not be appreciated until it is said. Those small acts of compassion are what we learn from our fantastic (inside out) instructors.

Moral values are taught to us.

They assist us in adjusting to a new situation and learning how to deal with it. Remember how our parents and siblings were always our most fantastic pals when we were kids? Then comes the education era, and we tend to get along with our classmates better than anybody else. Teachers deserve credit for assisting us in creating a comfortable but amicable school environment and socialising with our classmates during recess or games.

Aid in Environmental Adaptation

Teachers, like our parents, give emotional support, making our school no less than a joyful place. When our friends leave us and/or we get injured and/or confused in making decisions in life, teachers hold us and guide us; as we grow up, they become our best friends. We can say whatever we want, and they will gladly listen to help us accordingly. In this way, they train us to be a more caring or compassionate version of ourselves.

Offer Emotional Support

Teachers are usually aware of our deficiencies and help us to improve them to achieve in any field or subject. They point or show us on the right path. They also give us a push with their guidance and inspiration, and then we improve our efficiency accordingly.

Assist in Achieving Success

Teachers encourage us to continue evolving by serving as our guiding light and rewarding us with hands-on experience. Unlike others, they do not roll their eyes at us or become upset and are always prepared to answer our questions with a wide grin. That is why many famous people have attributed credit for their contributions to the achievement of their outstanding professors, whom they have always looked up to.

World Teachers' Day

Many countries celebrate Teachers' Day and the dates usually vary in different countries accordingly. However, there is also International Teachers' Day, which is held annually on every 5th October. Established in 1994, it commemorates the signing of the 1966's UNESCO/ILO recommendation on the status of teachers. This standard-setting instrument addresses the status and situations of teachers around the world. This recommendation outlines standards for education personnel policy, recruitment, initial training, and teachers' continuing education, employment, and dealing conditions. World Teachers' Day aims to specialise in "appreciating, assessing and improving the educators of the world" and supply an opportunity to consider issues related to teachers and teaching.

Celebrating Teachers' Day

Teachers' day is considered a momentous occasion in academic institutions among yearly events. One day in the whole academic year, teachers are made to feel unique and valued.

On Teachers' day, students perform cultural performances and conduct games for teachers. The Institution, on the other hand, provides a special lunch or refreshments and mementoes as a token of their appreciation for the valuable service they render.

However, the education scenario had changed drastically from a time when teachers graded students for their performance to the present when students are asked to fill up survey forms to rate teachers. This is good as long as it is constructive and aids in improving both teachers and students. On the contrary, this system has been risking teachers' job security for no fault of theirs. It is a pity that teachers would probably lose their jobs if they cannot please the children and their parents. Teachers have almost become puppets in the hands of the students and management. In such a situation, Teachers' day might turn out to be the only good day in the lives of teachers. Whatever the case, every teacher deserves to be recognised, and a day like Teachers' day can be the perfect occasion.

Some FAQs on Teachers' Day

Q. What is the best gift for teachers on Teachers' day?

A. Anything that conveys your love and respect for your teachers can be a good gift. However, if you can write a personal handwritten letter expressing your gratitude, make a card or paint/sketch a portrait, it would be something that would be remembered and kept safe for a lifetime.

Q. Why is 5th September celebrated as Teachers' day in India?

A. It came to be considered Teachers' day in memory of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and to honour his contributions to the education field. It is also celebrated to remember all teachers in gratitude for their extreme commitment and efforts in building a civilised society.

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