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Teddy Movie Review


As soon as announcements on "Teddy" were given the go-ahead, analogies to Hollywood's "Ted" began to surface. Nothing, however, was as eagerly awaited as Teddy, which starred Arya.

Before its release, the film received positive reviews thanks to Sakthi Soundar Rajan, who directed Miruthan, Tik Tik Tik, and Naaigal Jaakirathai among his other notable works.

In addition, the fact that the song "En Iniya Thanimayae" had been fermenting for almost a year like slow poison made the circumstances suitable for "Teddy," which made its Disney+ Hotstar debut yesterday night.

Teddy Movie Review

Firstly, it should be noted that the film's director Sakthi Soundarajan doesn't mince words by including the "Flashback" aspects. Sayyeshaa's character and Teddy's secret are used as the prologue to immediately introduce the audience to the plot.

Contrarily, the second hour contains more action blocks. The first hour genuinely moves along with good energy and hilarity. The filmmaker needs to have made an effort to add a comedic element in the second half with somewhat fewer action pieces. However, there are a lot of moments that will undoubtedly win over young and family audiences.

Plot Overview

Teddy, a film by Shakti Soundar Rajan, tells the tale of a girl who enters a drug-induced dream and a little boy who sets out to save her.

The narrative of the film and Vismayathumbathu, in which Mohanlal and Nayanthara appeared, are fairly similar. The man attempts to reunite the woman's spirit with her body in the latter movie as well.

Sayyesha Saigal's character, Srividya, is involved in an accident at the start of Teddy. She is transferred to the hospital, where the medical mafia uses drugs to put her into a coma. The ghost leaves her during this match only to discover a cuddly toy bear belonging to a refugee. The voyage of Teddy and the way it aids Shiva (Arya) in locating the body and reconciling the spirit begins at this point.

Rajan has always produced films that are not easy ones, challenging both the opinions of the general public and reviewers. He does not, however, succeed in creating a suspenseful conclusion or a realistic strategy for dealing with the problem.

Teddy Movie Review

The film demonstrates the way Teddy loves playing PUBG with Shiva and bonding with him even if there is a more pressing issue at hand. Also utterly overlooked is the topic of organ trafficking, which could have made for a much more exciting story.

The first half of the movie moves along very nicely, but the second loses its momentum and thus lowers viewer expectations and attention levels. The plot was certainly well-developed, but it could have been carried out more effectively. It is a little disappointing that the thrilling, intricate, and skillfully knit tale is lacking. Instead of the fantastical tale, you may imagine from the poster, it is fundamentally a love story.

Any music enthusiast would enjoy listening to D. Imman's soundtrack because it is excellent. Anyone is going to want to pay attention to it on multiple occasions because the tracks are quite fantastic.

Despite everything, the visual effects are the most impressive aspect of the movie. The crew did a fantastic job creating Teddy, and his talking, walking, and other behaviors are almost convincing.

The Graphic Effects Team deserves praise for their outstanding work. It is the first Tamil film that utilized an Indian animation studio to develop a unique animated character and the second following Kochadaiyaan to use motion-capturing technology.

The movie received mixed reviews when it premiered on OTT services like Disney + Hotstar on March 12, 2021.

Teddy Movie Review

Review Of Teddy Movie

Teddy is a disappointing addition to the filmography of Shakti Soundar Rajan, who is known for his unconventional films. Shakti Soundar Rajan proves to be an intriguing director since he likes to experiment with various genres and ideas.

In his previous films, Miruthan and Tik Tik Tik, he introduced zombies to Tamil audiences. In his most recent film, Teddy, which has already been shown on Disney Hotstar, he discusses out-of-body experiences. Shakti Soundar Rajan, in contrast to other filmmakers, is clever when it involves discussing high-end topics as he adopts the style of a B movie to present these stories. Given that most directors don't choose this way, the outcome is primarily stupid but fairly amusing.

Sayyeshaa portrays Sri Vidya, a freshman at college with a unique blood type. She sustains an injury while assisting a driver after an accident, is promptly admitted to the hospital, and there she falls prey to a gang that deals in live organs.

When Sri goes into a coma, her soul is transformed into a huge teddy bear, a shameless parody of the foul-mouthed endure from Mark Wahlberg's Ted (2012). The giant teddy bear asks Shakti (Arya), a recluse with Albert Einstein-level intelligence, for help to save many others like her from the Azerbaijan-based gang.

The remaining portion of the narrative centers on whether Shakti is successful in assisting Teddy find her body and capture the gang's leader.

Teddy Movie Review

Teddy seems like an intriguing notion. To halt an organ trafficking organization, an expressive Teddy bear partners up with a lonesome man with amazing fighting abilities. This could have been a good mainstream action movie if some good action sequences had been added. Teddy, sadly, fails to capitalize on its intriguing idea and wastes it with clumsy execution.

Teddy and Shakti's first interactions are amusing and appealing to children. But beyond these opening scenes, the movie doesn't have much action. The narrative becomes even more absurd when it goes to Azerbaijan. Creating a B movie based on such an idea is OK, but it doesn't necessarily benefit the movie when you take the audience for granted.

Arya has a respectable on-screen presence. He gives a very understated performance while maintaining a poker face. He rarely gives performances like this, which is unusual.

There isn't a single performance worth talking about if Arya is removed. A joke is made about movie director Magizh Thirumeni as soon as he comes on the screen. According to the advertisements, he appears to be an enemy of a big organization. But he only appears in 3-4 scenes and barely has any impact.


Shakti Soundar Rajan announced the movie in March 2019, which also marks his fifth directing project and first time working with actor Arya. The movie's main photography started in May 2019. After appearing in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, a supporting role for Sakshi Agarwal was offered to her.

Teddy Movie Review

Magizh Thirumeni, who is well known for the film Thadam, was cast in a supporting role, making his acting debut. The distinctive animated figure of Teddy Bear, who appears for almost eighty minutes of the movie, serves as the central focus. The majority of the movie was filmed in Chennai, while there was some European filming as well.

The movie's filming phase came to an end in February 2020. Contrary to rumors that they were considering an OTT streaming media release, Thirumeni declared in June 2020 that the movie was going to continue with a theatrical release.

Music And Sound Track

D. Imman, who previously worked with the filmmaker on Miruthan (2016) & Tik Tik Tik (2018), provided the soundtrack for the movie. Madhan Karky is the author of the song's lyrics.

On February 14, 2020, Valentine's Day, Sid Sriram released the first single, En Iniya Thanimaye, which he sang. On March 1, 2021, the "En Iniya Thanimaye" video song was afterward published.

Teddy Movie Review

Theme Of The Movie

Shakti Soundar Rajan is an Indian filmmaker who frequently takes on subjects that haven't been explored in Tamil cinema previously. In his most recent movie, Teddy, the main character is a cute talking teddy bear that befriends a lonely man.

Although the concept of this movie is extremely similar to the well-known Hollywood film Ted, which was released in 2012, it is much more serious and sheds light on healthcare crimes that occur all over the world. The writing in the movie is compelling enough to keep you interested in the daily lives of the characters. As the movie goes on, though, it stops adhering to the genre.

Teddy Movie Review


Sri awakens at the conclusion, and the inner being in Teddy departs. Sri is unable to recall Shiva's valiant efforts to save her. When they return to India, Sri meets up with her parents.

Teddy Movie Review

This movie is a supernatural comedy-action thriller, to be exact. You may enjoy it for its straightforward yet satisfying plot, humor, feelings, excellent BGM, and passable screenplay. Overall, the cast gives good performances.

Teddy, a 2021 magic action Tamil film directed and written by Shakti Soundar Rajan, recounts the tale of a human soul that is transformed into a Teddy bear and intertwines with the daily activities of the protagonist. The same production company, Studio Green, remade this film in Telugu under the working title Buddy.

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