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Teradata FastExport

Teradata FastExport is a command-driven utility used to transfer large amounts of data from tables and views of the Teradata Database to a client-based application.

It can generate data in the report format. Data can be extracted from one or more tables using Join.

FastExport exports the data in 64K blocks, and it is useful for extracting a large volume of data. Also, it can be exported from any table or view where the SELECT privilege has been granted. The destination for the exported data can be:

  • A file on a mainframe-attached or network-attached client system.
  • An Output Modification (OUTMOD) routine written to select, validate, and preprocess the exported data.

FastExport Terms

The following terms are commonly used in the Teradata FastExport script.

  • LOGTABLE: It specifies a restart log table for the FastExport checkpoint information.
  • LOGON: It Specifies the LOGON string to be used in connecting all sessions established by FastExport.
  • DATABASE: It sets the default database.
  • BEGIN EXPORT: It indicates the beginning of the export.
  • EXPORT: It specifies the target file and the export format.
  • SELECT: It specifies the select query to export data.
  • END EXPORT: It specifies the end of FastExport.
  • LOGOFF: It Disconnects all active sessions and terminates FastExport.


Consider the following Employee table.

EmpId FirstName LastName BirthDate
202001 Mike Richard 11/05/1990
202002 Robert Williams 20/01/1988
202003 Peter Collin 21/08/1985
202004 Alexa Stuart 10/12/1992
202005 Robert Peterson 19/03/1987

Following is an example of a FastExport script. It exports data from the employee table and writes into a file empdata.txt.

Executing a FastExport Script

Once the script is written and named as emp.fx, we can use the following command to execute the script.

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