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Test Management Tool

Test management tools are used to keep track of all the testing activity, fast data analysis, manage manual and automation test cases, various environments, and plan and maintain manual testing as well.

The test management tool is connected with the automation software. These types of tools had various strategies for testing and multiple sets of features. Some of the test management tools had capabilities to design the test case with the help of requirements.

It is best for test managing, scheduling, defect logging, tracking, and analysis.

Some of the most commonly used test management tools are as follows:

  • Quality center
  • RTH
  • Testpad
  • Test Monitor
  • PractiTest
Test Management tool

Quality center

The quality center is a test management tool that is launched by HP, which is also known as ALM [Application life cycle management] tool.

This is very helpful for both test management and SDLC because it supports multiple stages of the software development life cycle.

It is a web-based testing tool which helps us to control the software from scratch like collection of requirement, planning, designing, testing, and maintenance, but it is a time taking process.

This tool offers integration to other HP products like Load runner and UFT.

Test Management tool

Features of Quality center

Following are the commonly used features of HP quality center/ ALM:

  • This tool is used to check the test configurations.
  • With the help of this tool, we can manage the release and authoring the test and execution.
  • This tool helps in project planning and tracking.
  • It provides cross-project customization and test resources.
  • It is used to manage risk-based quality and lab management.


RTH is another web-based open-source tool, and it stands for the Requirement and testing hub. It is used to manage the requirements, test results, and also have bug tracking facilities. This tool follows a structured approach to extend the visibility of the testing process with the help of a common repository for test cases, test result, requirements, and test plans.

Test Management tool


It is a test plan tool which helps us to identify the defects or bugs. It is a combination of simple checklists and spreadsheets. And these spreadsheets are used by the developers for making the notes. While performing exploratory testing, regression testing, and Adhoc testing, this tool is a perfect choice for the test engineer because it provides the keyboard-driven interface and checklist approach.

Test Management tool

Features of Testpad tool

  • With the help of the Testpad tool, we can create our templates.
  • This tool provides secure hosting, secure communication, and reliable data.
  • Testpad is mobile and tablet friendly.
  • In the test pad, we can upload the screenshots and images.
  • We can easily copy and paste the data from the word, excel, or any other test files.
  • It has a keyboard-driven editor having JavaScript that is the responsive User interface.
  • This tool invites the guest tester if we don't need the accounts.
  • This tool is organized with drag 'n' drop and group the checklists into the folder.
  • For more information, we can refer to the below link:


It is a powerful test management tool, which helps us to manage a wide range of test cases, milestone, and test runs. With the help of this tool, we can get a real-time understanding of our testing process. It is a test editor, which can run the test case within minutes. For the tester, it offers a simple interface built where the tester can execute the test case at any time, any place with no required experience.

Test Management tool

Features of TestMonitor tool

Some of the commonly used features of TestMonitor tool are as follows:

  • This tool offers the requirement specification to execute the test case and analysis of the risks.
  • This tool will monitor our planning and progress.
  • It gives a complete result tracking.
  • It is designed to make the testing process more effective, faster, and more structured than excel.
  • This tool has a reporting capabilities.

For more information, we can refer to the below link:


This tool is used to increase the end-to-end visibility of our complete testing process and also see the test execution in real-time. With the help of this tool, we can only focus on testing rather than reporting or releasing our product on time.

Test Management tool

Features of PractiTest tool

Following are some critical features of PractiTest:

  • This tool is used to track the bug and issues by simply e-mailing the system, and it provides the advance filters which help us to stop the duplicate bugs even before they are reported.
  • It makes sure the visibility of our project with customized dashboards and reports.
  • It helps us to plan our testing process with better time management.
  • This tool had a smart filter feature, which helps us to manage our work.
  • PractiTest enables easy customization for our projects without writing code.

For more information, we can refer to the below link:

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