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Testing Documentation

Testing documentation is the documentation of artifacts that are created during or before the testing of a software application. Documentation reflects the importance of processes for the customer, individual and organization.

Projects which contain all documents have a high level of maturity. Careful documentation can save the time, efforts and wealth of the organization.

Why documentation is needed

If the testing or development team gets software that is not working correctly and developed by someone else, so to find the error, the team will first need a document. Now, if the documents are available then the team will quickly find out the cause of the error by examining documentation. But, if the documents are not available then the tester need to do black box and white box testing again, which will waste the time and money of the organization.More than that, Lack of documentation becomes a problem for acceptance.


Let's take a real-time example of Microsoft, Microsoft launch every product with proper user guidelines and documents, which are very explanatory, logically consistent and easy to understand for any user. These are all the reasons behind their successful products.

Benefits of using Documentation

  • Documentation clarifies the quality of methods and objectives.
  • It ensures internal coordination when a customer uses software application.
  • It ensures clarity about the stability of tasks and performance.
  • It provides feedback on preventive tasks.
  • It provides feedback for your planning cycle.
  • It creates objective evidence for the performance of the quality management system.

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