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What is the full form of TFT

TFT: Thin Film Transistor

TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor. It is a display screen technology used in liquid crystal display (LCD). TFTs are the active elements that act as switches turning each pixel on and off. These are made of a wide variety of semiconductor materials like silicon.

In TFT, each pixel is controlled by one to four transistors. The TFT technology is known for its best resolution among all the flat-panel techniques, but it is also the most expensive. TFT screens are also known as active-matrix LCDs because they use a transistor at each pixel, which is arranged in form of matrix.


The main advantage of TFT technology is that it has a separate, tiny transistor for each pixel on the display. It makes the screen refresh very quickly as the image is refreshed several times per second.

Following are the main devices that use Thin Film Transistor Technology:

  • Computer monitors
  • Laptops
  • Television
  • Personal digital assistants (PDAs)
  • Smart phones
  • Video gaming systems
  • Navigation systems
  • AMOLED screens also contain a TFT layer
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