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Thank God Review

Ayaan is a self-centered, egotistical real estate agent who has a bad streak of luck but ends up in Heaven after a car accident. The "Game of Life," which he must play in order to interact with Chitragupt, will determine whether he returns to Earth or Hell based on his actions.

Will he succeed in the game, reuniting him with his wife and daughter

Thank God Review

In his most recent appearance, Chitragupta, also known as CG (Ajay Devgn), states, "What goes around, comes around" in the opulent palace of Yamraj. The new film Thank God by Indra Kumar embodies this saying. To be fair to the director, this film is far superior to his over-the-top productions like Ishq, Raja, etc. But even the fabricated drama seen in the televised music programs can't save this game show-style movie.

The plot is straightforward yet sanctimonious and absolutely out of date with the times. It has a high moral stance by having the anchor CG himself commit fraud and help the main character when they are on the hot seat.

Thank God Release Date

Indra Kumar, T-Series, and Maruti International produced the " Thank God " comedy and drama film in Hindi. Ajay Devgn, Sidharth Malhotra, and Rakul Preet Singh playing the lead roles contributed to the overall image.

Thank God Review

The movie is supposed to be announced on October 24, 2022, which is also Diwali. Ajay Devgn, Sidharth Malhotra, and Rakul Preet Singh were all included in a movie that she posted on social media to publicize the release date.

Star Cast

1. Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn portrays the moderator CG (Chitragupta), who engages Ayaan in the game of "good vs. evil."

2. Sidharth Malhotra

The movie's star, played by Sidharth Malhotra, is a real estate agent named Ayaan Kapoor, whose ego is bigger than his bank account.

3. Rakul Preet Singh

Ayaan's wife, Ruhi, is portrayed by Rakul Preet Singh.

Thank God Review

4. Kiku Sharda

The role of Ayan's colleague will be played by one of the most adored actors and versatile comedians, Kiku Sharda.

5. Seema Pahwa

Without question, Seema Pahwa is one of today's most adaptable performers. The actress will portray Sidharth Malhotra's mother.

6. Urmilla Kothare

Sidharth's sister, played by actress Urmila Kothari, will appear in the film.

7. Nora Fatehi

The movie features Nora Fatehi. She appears in the song "Manike Mage Hithe," a remake song.


The 16 crores in debt that Ayaan Kapoor carries stems from his real estate firm. His involvement in black money and the subsequent demonetization led him into debt despite a thriving real estate business. He made an effort to sell his house in order to pay off his debt, but was unsuccessful. He thus moved into his wife's house with his wife Inspector Ruhi and their daughter Pihu.

One day, when Ayaan is hurt in a car accident, the gods Yamaduta and Chitragupta invite him to take part in a game called Game of Life and decide whether or not to send him back to Earth.

Two containers are provided; one is to be stuffed with white balls, which stand for his virtues, and the other with black balls, which stand for his vices and frailties. Ayaan starts with many black balls, making his opening position very challenging.

Ayaan is described as being jealous of his wife since Ruhi is an inspector and he hasn't been able to become one. He is given a scenario in which Chitragupta has him play the role of an inspector entrusted with releasing a hostage. However, his failure to do so reveals to him that Ruhi was a greater inspector than he could have been. Ayaan is shown as the one who believes in God, but owing to his lack of humanity, he still receives black balls.

The game is changed later when Ayaan finally earns white balls for controlling his wrath. He also had to apologize to his elder sister for being mistakenly blamed for causing the fire that destroyed their father's house when they were little.

Thank God Review

Ayaan is punished by his father in Heaven, which prompts him to apologize to his sister. He succeeds by collecting white balls, and Chitragupta gives him a cheque for 18 crores for the sale of the house?something even Ayaan couldn't accomplish.

On the other hand, Chitragupta notices a tattoo of another lady on Ayaan's elbow, earning him a lot of black balls. Before they discovered that it would be towed due to his bank debt, as Chitragupta illustrates for him, his wife and family were ready to buy him a new car. However, the incident with his automobile involved the new car that Ruhi had bought for Ayaan.

When he gets back to Earth, the doctor informs him that Ruhi's one kidney and Pihu's two kidneys are both injured. Ayaan wins a reputation in real estate but is ready to lose his family.

Having taken too many medications, Ayaan signed a donation form before falling back asleep. Later, Chitragupta and his father are proud to see him when he returns to paradise once more. Chitragupta grants Ayaan and his family a new beginning. Ayaan receives word from the doctors that a guy purchased the remains of his deceased relative but withheld his identity.

The man was wearing a locket with the engraving CG; it has been discovered. Ayaan adopts a child and has his family's house renovated after being given a second chance at life. He has matured and is now a different person who values his family more.


Ayaan Kapoor (Sidharth Malhotra), a successful but immoral real estate salesman who has a big debt and must sell his mansion to pay it off, is introduced in the film very early on. He frequently vents his frustration on his cop wife, Ruhi Kapoor (Rakul Preet Singh), as he attempts to close a contract. While racing to see a potential customer, Ayaan meets with a vehicle accident on his daughter's birthday. He awakens in Heaven, where his acts will be assessed.

Thank God Review

As one is already aware of Ayaan's nature at this point, one can already guess how the judgment will proceed. The straightforward plot, which Aakash Kaushik and Madhur Sharma wrote, gives little room for the audience's imagination because it is predictable. Most of the circumstances upon which the verdict will be based are foreseeable, and the protagonist, Ayaan, is given an unfair advantage.

Indra Kumar keeps true to his goal of producing a comedy with a moral lesson about karma while keeping the story from becoming overly sad or depressing. To make viewing more enjoyable and relatable, contemporary avatars are given to apsaras, YD or Yamdoot (Mahesh Balraj), and Chitragupt or CG (Ajay Devgn).

There are nods to both Singham and Kaun Banega Crorepati, Devgn's super-popular series. Although the plot is primarily driven by speech, the addition of flashbacks, run-ins with YD and apsaras, and "lifelines" breaks up the monotony. The CGI, which in most scenes seems gimmicky, could have used more attention from the filmmakers

Thank God Review

Although Ajay Devgn does a wonderful job playing the stern yet reverent God, the role is too simple for such an accomplished performer. Sidharth gives a spirited performance as the unprincipled and self-absorbed man. However, if his character had greater depth, the circumstance would have been more intriguing and the decision would have been more believable

He has a decent wife in Rakul, who is more talented and supportive. Veteran actors Kanwaljeet Singh and Seema Pahwa demonstrate their acting skills while portraying Ayaan's parents in a brief appearance.


The movie follows the popular model of exploring what awaits you beyond this life and the role of divine intervention while adding some humour, but it could not prevent the plot from falling apart. Nothing more can be said about the forced/awkward acting, which further distances the viewer from the tale and prevents them from being immersed.

In conclusion, spare yourself the two hours of this movie and thank God for guiding you to this review and guiding you to the right choice. Your karma container will undoubtedly receive a lot of white balls.

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