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The Legend Reviews


The Legend is a science fiction action movie written and directed by J. D. Jerry in the Indian Tamil language. Legend Saravanan plays the title character alongside supporting actors Urvashi Rautela, Geethika Tiwary, Vivek (in his final performance before passing), Suman, and Nassar. Geethika Tiwary, Legend Saravanan, and Urvashi Rautela make their Tamil film debuts with this film.

Harris Jayaraj wrote the soundtrack, and R. Velraj and Ruben, respectively, were in charge of the cinematography and editing.

The Legend Reviews

On March 3, 2022, the movie's title, first look, and motion poster were revealed. In addition to Chennai, Pollachi, especially the Himalayas, the movie was filmed in other foreign countries. The movie's initial release date was set for July 1, 2022. However, it was delayed to July 15 before being postponed once again.

On July 28, 2022, The Legend was released to mixed unfavorable reviews in theaters, quickly becoming a box office failure. Nevertheless, the movie gained popularity once made available on Disney+ Hotstar.


  • Legend Saravanan as Dr. Saravanan
  • Urvashi Rautela as Dr. Madhumitha "Madhu"
  • Geethika Tiwary as Thulasi alias Vaathu, Saravanan's wife (credited as "Gitika")
  • Vivek as Thangam, Saravanan's uncle
  • Yogi Babu as Dada
  • Prabhu as Dr. Pugazhenthi, Saravanan's elder brother
  • Suman as VJ
  • Nassar as Dr. Desikan
  • Vijayakumar as Saravanan's father
  • Latha as Saravanan's mother
  • Kumari Sachu as Saravanan's grandmother
  • Thambi Ramaiah as Thulasi's father
  • Robo Shankar as Thirupati, Saravanan's friend
  • Devadarshini as Thirupati's wife
  • Mayilsamy as Vivek's sidekick
  • Singampuli as VJ's Assistant
  • Livingston as Dr. Gopi
  • Mansoor Ali Khan as a politician
  • Hareesh Peradi as Dr. Venu Pappu
  • Vamsi Krishna as Munna, VJ's henchman
  • Besant Ravi as Henchman
  • Rahul Dev as a member of VJ's medical mafia
  • Amit Tiwari as VJ's henchman


Dr. Saravanan, a well-known scientist worldwide, settles permanently in his hometown of India to help the locals there and takes over as school principal run by his family. After witnessing the diabetic complications that led to his childhood friend Tirupathi's death and learning that Tirupathi's whole family, including his newborn son, has had diabetes since birth, Saravanan decides to develop a permanent cure for diabetes.

However, he soon runs into challenges, most notably from the pharmaceutical industry, led by VJ, the CEO of Ojo Pharmaceuticals, who wants to sell drugs for profit.

The Legend Reviews

Due to Saravanan's creation of an antibiotic diagnostic test, which significantly damaged his firm and prompted the suicide of his older brother (the company's chairman), VJ has a personal vengeance against him.

To destroy Saravanan's study, VJ sends thugs commanded by his goon Munna, but Saravanan repels them. Thulasi, a lecturer at his institution, introduces herself to Saravanan. After a few occurrences, the couple starts to develop feelings for one another and are married.

Thulasi seems to have died in the car explosion that Munna was planning to assassinate Saravanan. When Munna is said to be hiding in Manali, Saravanan travels there with his uncle Thangam in tow. When Munna is finally apprehended by Saravanan and Thangam, a mysterious stranger in a mask kills him and then flees, preventing them from getting any information from him.

A scientist named Dr. Madhumitha, "Madhu," also encounters Saravanan in Manali and offers to help him with his study; Saravanan accepts. The pair and their team, which includes Dr. Desikan, a mentor of Saravanan's, work diligently on the "Formula J" diabetic treatment over the following few years, and it is soon prepared for human testing. Vasantha Perumal, a wealthy diabetic guy, volunteers his participation in the 15-day human study.

The Legend Reviews

Although Perumal's diabetes appears to improve initially, Formula J is held responsible when he shortly enters a coma. In a hearing, Saravanan can persuade the scientists and VJ that he would do the testing on a different individual and that, if it is unsuccessful, Formula J could get banned.

Tirupathi's widow volunteers to test Formula J on her, and Saravanan finds she is entirely healed. When Saravana looks into Perumal's coma, he learns that Dr. Venu Paapu, a member of his team, botched the human experiment in return for money from Perumal's brother-in-law, who wants to murder Perumal and take over his business empire.

Dr. Pugazhenthi, his older brother, assists Saravanan as he begins developing a treatment for Perumal. Formula J has successfully completed a human trial after totally curing Tirupathi's widow of her diabetes. Saravanan is offered a sizable sum of money by VJ for Formula J. Still, he declines since he wants it to be free so that people experiencing poverty can also benefit.

Saravanan is abducted by VJ and Desikan, who confesses that he is a VJ employee, and taken to VJ's private jail, where various adults, juveniles, and children are being held as test subjects for Ojo medications that corporate scientist Dr. Gopi has been using illegally. Thulasi, who is still alive despite initial reports to the contrary, is one of the prisoners. Although Thulasi wasn't in the car, the explosion caused her to pass out because she was still near it.

Munna locked her up in VJ's prison after she had been knocked out. In addition to their son Velan, born inside the prison, Saravanan reunites with Thulasi. To create and market Formula J for enormous sums of money, VJ, Desikan, Gopi, and Madhu persuade Saravanan to submit his research to Ojo. If he does not, they threaten to kill Velan.

It turns out that Madhu is VJ's niece and the successor to the Ojo business. She collaborated with Saravanan to create Formula J as a form of revenge for the murder of her father. Additionally, Madhu is shown to be the "mysterious masked person" who murdered Munna in Manali before.

The Legend Reviews

In addition to fighting with them and their goons, subduing them, and liberating all the prisoners, Saravanan refuses to share his knowledge. Madhu attempts to murder Saravanan, but in a subsequent rush, she is slain by the prisoners who are escaping. After leaving the place, Saravanan, Thulasi, and Velan return to their houses. While Formula J has received WHO approval and is thus lawful to sell and use, Ojo Pharmaceuticals was shut down for impermissibly testing drugs on humans.

Review of The Legends Movie

Positive Review

The film is produced on a grand scale, which is extremely clear to see on the screen. The film's producers made a fortune, and it shows in every shot. The song illustrations are incredible.

The Legend Reviews

The performance of Legend Saravanan in his first movie is unimpressive. While Geethika got more screen time, both female characters, Urvashi Rautela and Geethika, were stunning and had ample opportunity in their parts. They both performed a great job. The coordinated action scenes were of a high caliber, and they were also expertly filmed.

Negative Review

The plot of the movie is its worst drawback. Since the first scene, it has been quite formulaic and predictable. The movie utilizes an obsolete commercial model to operate. The film's major plot twists are predictable and easy to predict.

The way the scenes are staged also seems archaic, leaving one to wonder if JD-Jerry still needs to modernize during their 20-year absence from popular cinema. The unexpected torrent of rain and melodrama formerly required to make the audience feel sympathy for a character's demise has become unnecessary. Another problematic area of dialogue writing is the phrase "sweet suicide" to describe a death caused by diabetes.

The Legend Reviews

Although The Legend has all of these unforgivable flaws and is a horrible film overall, it is a fun experience to watch it in a crowded theater. You read correctly. For instance, the crowd laughs when Saravanan has a severe loss and sobs uncontrollably.

The actor experiences this every time he is compelled to perform emotionally intensely. Perhaps some of his famous trolls have followed him to the big screen, and as with his past tries, this might wind up working in his favor considering how strange it is to see a campy picture as such with no concern in the world.

Unfortunately, it fails to be funny continuously during The Legend's lengthy 160-minute running time. On top of everything else, this movie stupidly employs Vivekh, making it difficult not to feel bad for not appreciating his character.

Technical Aspects

Harris Jayaraj's backdrop score has an effect in addition to his excellent music. Incredible cinematography was created by Velraj. The technical team's heroic efforts in making the movie viewable deserve praise.

Editor Ruben may have done a significantly better job by shortening the film. Director JD-Jerry did a lousy job, to be honest. Mostly, he could not provide entertainment, making the situation dull. Although he attempted to check off every box a commercial picture has, his packaging still needs to be completed.

Final Verdict

Even if one can ignore all that, the screenplay isn't much different from a typical lousy commercial potboiler. Finding the concepts the producers and directors may have concurred upon is simple. A hero must battle for a just cause, such as seeking a diabetic cure. It's impossible to resist the impulse to force him to take on a medical cartel.

Then add sporadic scenes taken in other international countries. "The Heroine and the white knight hero" also perform several duet numbers. It can be painful not to have the protagonist endure a catastrophic setback. And as a garnish, throw in a couple of "unexpected" turns.

The Legend is generally an enormous snooze-fest. The film's weak storyline and several dull scenes make it rather unsatisfactory. The filmmaker makes a valiant effort to deliver quality masala entertainment but needs to catch up. The only redeeming grace in this humdrum tale is the superb production quality and the gorgeous ladies. You may pass it up and wait until next weekend to see another great movie.

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