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The Warriorr Review


In this movie, Dr. Satya (Ram Pothineni) is a doctor who becomes furious after Guru's (Aadhi Pinisetty) goons kill the young patient he is treating. Guru is currently a notorious goonda in Kurnool. Satya fails horribly as he attempts to emulate Guru as a doctor. When Satya reports Guru to the police, he also learns that the police aren't doing anything to assist the locals. Guru is brutally beaten to death when Satya approaches him head-on. Satya's mother, Nadiya, takes her injured son to a different city. Satya returned to the city two years later. This time, as an IPS officer!

The remaining drama is between Satya and Guru.

Movie- The Warriorr

Ratings- 2.5/5

Cast- Ram Pothineni, Aadhi Pinnishetty, Krithi Shetty, Nadhiya Akshara, Gowda.

Director- N. Lingusamy

Music- Devi Sri Prasad

Dialogues- Sai Madhav Burra

Editor- Navin Nooli

Producer- Srinivasaa Chitturi

Release Date- July 14, 2022

The Warriorr Review


DSP's music is generally decent, and the choreography for the songs is excellent. Devi Sri Prasad's music is really beneficial. The proceedings have greatly benefited from the two upbeat songs, "Bullett" and "Whistle." In several of the dialogues, Sai Madhav Burra leaves his stamp. His BGM is quite outstanding, more so than the songs. The production values are pretty high since the camera work captures the Rayalaseema setting so well.


Regarding the film's director, Linguswamy, he did a passable job. He doesn't present anything new, but he provides the general public with what they want from a cop movie. He deserves praise for avoiding extravagant and illogical situations. He kept his narration of the movie simple, following a standard structure.


Ram has effectively been shown going from being a doctor to a police officer. Logic usually has no place in cop movies. However, in The Warriorr, filmmaker Linguswamy has ensured that there are no flashy features since the scenes flow correctly.

Aadhi Pinisetty, a well-known cast of the film, had a superb performance as Guru. Aadhi is excellent both in terms of appearance and language delivery. In the first part of the film, he dominates Ram. As Ram's mother, Nadia performs an excellent job.

The climactic combat between Ram & Aadhi was well-executed. Krithi Shetty has a lovely appearance and shines in the music. She makes a great dancing partner for Ram. She has a flowery love story with Sathya. Brahmaji offers some resolution and is also appropriately attired for the role. It's a nice BGM that was written for Aadhi.

Not to be overlooked is Ram's excellent performance. He effectively contrasts the two parts as he plays both a doctor and a police officer. While initially reticent, he makes up for it in the second half with a powerful performance and dances. He performs admirably as a police officer. The hero starting as a doctor is the only unique aspect. Due to some life events, the doctor with an MBBS degree becomes an IPS officer.


When you pick up a cop narrative, there isn't much fresh to show off regarding material. Therefore, it is essential to narrate the movie in a captivating way. Linguswamy does a terrific job with the first half, but the second half follows the same good vs. bad plotline. The issue with this predictable plot is that director Lingusamy fails to introduce an innovative twist after the intermission.

Everyone is aware that the hero is going to win against the villain. So what's the big deal? Here, the excitement required when two forces clash is missing from the second half. Only the kidnapping scene starring Krithi Shetty stands out from the film's second part. The tense passages are masterfully composed, performed, and directed. With the exception of this, the rest of the film follows a formulaic plot with the hero & villain fighting each other. Lingusamy is known for making action films in a specific style, and this film is no exception. There should have been more hero-villain elevations from the beginning.


The Warriorr is an all-around masala cop drama with some outstanding mass blocks. The acting of Ram & Aadhi Pinisetty keeps the audience's attention. However, the plot is quite predictable and formulaic. If you don't mind this aspect and want to try making a big-budget movie, you may cheerfully give The Warrior a shot on one screen.

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