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Thiru Movie Review


Thiruchitrambalam is a 2022 Indian romantic comedy-drama film in the Tamil language that was directed and written by Mithran R. Jawahar and made by Kalanidhi Maran of Sun Pictures.

In addition to Dhanush, the movie stars Nithya Menen, Bharathiraja, Prakash Raj, Raashii Khanna, and Priya Bhavani Shankar. Anirudh Ravichander created the music, Om Prakash shot the movie, and Prasanna GK edited it.

Thiru Movie Review

August 2021 marked the start of principal photography, which lasted until October 2021. On August 18, 2022, Thiruchitrambalam was released in theatres to generally favorable reviews, with particular attention paid to the acting, music, cinematography, narrative, and director.

The movie made 110 crores (Rs.) globally and was critically and financially successful. It is among the highest-grossing Tamil movies of 2022 and Dhanush's highest-grossing movie globally until Vaathi overtook it.

Cast In The Movie

  • Dhanush as Thiruchitrambalam Jr. "Pazham"
  • Nithya Menen as Shobana
  • Prakash Raj as Inspector Neelakandan
  • Bharathiraja as Sr. Thiruchitrambalam, Neelakandan's father and Pazham's grandfather
  • Raashii Khanna as Anusha
  • Priya Bhavani Shankar as Ranjani
  • Munishkanth as Subbaraj, Pazham's uncle
  • Sriranjini as Rajeshwari
  • Vikram Raja as Anusha's boyfriend
  • Revathy as Shenbagam
  • Mu Ramaswamy as Pazham's maternal grandfather
  • Revathi as Valli, Pazham's mother and Neelakandan's wife (Cameo appearance)
  • Mithran R. Jawahar as a traffic police officer (Cameo appearance)

Plot Of The Movie

Thiruchitrambalam, commonly known as "Thiru," is a delivery agent for a food delivery service. He resides with his strict father, Inspector Neelakandan, and his paternal grandpa, also named Thiruchitrambalam. Due to his father's neglect, his mother and sibling died in an accident.

Pazham avoids his father even though they share a home because he cannot forgive him. Shobana, a childhood friend whom he opens out to, is the one person who can give him solace. Pazham eventually falls for his childhood sweetheart Anusha as he continues through life.

He asks Shobana for guidance because he's an immature man, and she provides him with suggestions on how to propose to Anusha. Pazham reveals his affection to her during a date, but she rejects him, apologizes for flirting, and gives him the impression that she is interested in him romantically.

Thiru Movie Review

After Neelakandan has a stroke, Pazham and Neelakandan get along again, and they travel to his mother's hometown with Shobhana for a wedding. At the wedding, Pazham meets Ranjani and develops feelings for her. Pazham asks Shobana for help once more. Shobhana sets up a meeting place for them a little while before they depart for Chennai.

Ranjini refuses to give Pazham her phone number, claiming they are both strangers and therefore do not need to communicate. This makes Pazham feel awkward. Pazham's grandpa, Sr. Thiruchitrambalam, begs him to reconsider his connection with Shobana as they return to their house. Pazham laments his terrible luck in finding love.

Thiru Movie Review

Until then, Pazham had thought of Shobana as his buddy, but now he had a crush on her. Despite Pazham telling Shobana how he feels, she rejects him. Both of them temporarily cease communicating with one another due to the discomfort and tension this generates in their relationship. Shobana chooses to fly to Canada for business and requests that Pazham meet her at the airport. Police pull Pazham's car over as he heads to the airport, and Shobana boards the plane.

Pazham regrets ruining his connection with Shobana, only to discover later from Shobana's brother that she has been loving Pazham even though he has been neglecting her affections since the sixth grade and that she has treasured letters and presents from him throughout the years.

He tells Pazham that she didn't accept him because she wanted to avoid a rebound relationship. Shobana stopped considering Thiruchitrambalam when Pazham repeatedly queried him about his worries regarding love and proposals.

Thiru Movie Review

After a month has passed, Pazham contacts Shobana, who informs him that she hates Canada and wishes to go back to India. Suddenly, Pazham orders her to turn around, and she is startled to discover him waiting for her.

Pazham apologizes for not acknowledging her sentiments and for being self-centred by not asking her about them throughout the years, and they restart their relationship. They ultimately get married when they return to India.

Review Of The Movie

Positive Review

Dhanush always chooses exciting themes, and with Thiru, it is no different. The movie is a sophisticated family drama with a healthy serving of reasonable love. Even if the narrative seems foreordained, the narration is passable. The simple yet powerful way that emotions are released means that there are seldom any dull times.

Dhanush takes the initiative once more and demonstrates his versatility as a performer. He is an expert and offers a polished performance when playing the boy next door characters. Through his remarkable facial expressions, he displays a range of emotions.

He has good chemistry, affection with Bharatiraja and Nithya Menon, and animosity toward his father, Prakash Raj. His performance is composed as he takes the lead. In her cameo, Raashi Khanna looks stylish.

Bharatiraja, an accomplished veteran filmmaker, played a crucial part. You will be moved to tears in a number of his scenes with his son Prakash Raj, especially his grandson Dhanush. As usual, Prakash Raj is given a substantial part and excels in it. Nithya Menon, whose part is appealing and exhibits unselfish devotion, is the movie's unsung hero.

Despite not having her voice dubbed, Nithya provides a fantastic performance and dominates the final thirty minutes of the movie.

Additionally, Nithya Menon's role is used to draw in the audience by including the romantic subtext of movies like Oh My Friend. The relationship is not pushed on the viewers, which is the most excellent part. At separate times in his life, the hero falls in love with two different ladies, but he is blind to the fact that his true love is his close buddy, who Nithya Menon portrays.

Although the movie finishes on an expected note, this component is well constructed, and the filmmaker should be commended for not giving the hero a rebound because of the rejections he encounters.

Negative Review

The movie's storyline is a straightforward family narrative, nothing unique, and has been included in a number of other movies. The theme of love and friendship is also familiar to the audience. Despite Mithran R. Jawahar's competent direction, the movie's second half is predictable since it follows a plot that has been seen before in many other movies.

Prakash Raj and Nithya Menon's voices were not faithfully dubbed, which is disappointing. The movie has a slight Tamil influence, which might appeal to something other than the Telugu audience. Family-related sentiments dominate the movie's first half. Although built correctly, the plot needs to give Prakash Raj and Dhanush's relationship more prominence. It would have significantly improved the movie if there had been more conflict between these people.

Technical Aspects

The second half's song ought to have been cut. The film's dubbing, as was previously said, could be better. The camera work was good, and so were the production values. Regarding the film's director, Mithran, he did a respectable job. Although he chooses a straightforward and outmoded plot, his narrative makes sense.

The fact that he chose high achievers significantly changes the story. Every character is well-exalted by Mithran, who also gives the movie a sane narrator. One of the main draws of the movie is its emphasis on emotions, and a handful of its sequences will make you feel something.

Anirudh composed charming music for the movie. The songs translate beautifully into Tamil but fall flat when spoken in Telugu. The middle-class beliefs and the Chennai structure are fully entrenched. In the last thirty minutes, a few editing pauses are caused by sequences that stretch pointlessly.

The narrative was written by director Mithran, who is not attempting to narrate a novel. But in this case, what distinguishes him is the sensitivities he used to produce drama among the main characters. The quality of the photography could be better.

Final Verdict

Thiru is a brilliant family story with excellent acting. Despite the tale being predictable and formulaic, it is easy to watch due to the drama and intense emotions. Unfortunately, there has been no Telugu-language promotion for the movie, which makes it difficult for people to find venues to see it. Dhanush's performance, however, will make this movie watchable this weekend once they do.

Thiru Movie Review

Even if things seem to be moving slowly, by the movie's finale, one is bound to have a connection with the characters. Last but not least, Thiru has a well-known concept and predictability. But the adult star cast, which gives the tale life, distinguishes it. While the plot may appear identical, the emotions will force you to overlook the negative aspects of the family turmoil.

"Thiru" is a mediocre movie. There was much room for improvement in the writing's logic. The performances keep the movie from failing.

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