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Tika Features

Apache Tika provides numerous features, some of them are given below.

  • Large Number of Document Type Support
  • Non- Java Program Accessibility
  • Single Parser
  • Light Weight
  • MIME Detection
  • Language Detection

Large Number of Document Types Support

Apache Tika can identify over thousand of document types and can extract content and metadata of the document.

Non-Java Program Accessibility

In Tika, two major tools RESTful server and CLI tool allows non-Java programs to access apache Tika functionalities.

Single Parser

All the third party libraries are encapsulated by Tika, within the single parser interface. This feature ease to the user from parser library selection.

Light Weight

Tika is light weight because it uses less memory and resources. It is easily embeddable with Java programs and can also run over mobile devices.

MIME & Language Detection

Tika can detect all the media type listed in MIME standards. It can also identify language therefore can be used for multi language documents.

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