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How to Create New Style in MS Word

You can add new styles to your list of styles, i.e. Word allows you to set the styles for font, figure, paragraph, etc. It helps you to keep consistency in all the documents of a topic or subject. The steps to create new styles are given below;

  • Select the Home tab
  • In Styles group click the arrow at the right bottom corner of the group
  • It displays the 'Styles' task pane;
MS Word How to create new style in ms word 1

In 'Styles' task pane click the 'New Style' button

It displays 'Create New Style from Formatting' dialogue box;

MS Word How to create new style in ms word 2
  • Enter the name for new style and make all the desired changes
  • Click OK, the new style will be added to the list of styles

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