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Tools to Integrate Twitter on your Website

Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget is a feature available on the Twitter. It allows you create an interface that can be published on websites, i.e. you can show your latest tweets on your website. It offers you various benefits such as: It enables your visitors to see the conversation on Twitter. It acts as a source of content where content changes frequently that makes your website look more active and dynamic.

How to Create a Twitter Widget

The basic steps to create a Widget are as follows:

  • Login to your Twitter account
  • Click on your profile photo
  • Now, click on "Settings and privacy" to the right of the "search bar"
  • A drop-down menu appears to the left, scroll down and click on the "Widgets" option
  • Click on the "Create New" button
  • You will get access to the "Widget" Configurator"
  • Customize your Widget: Enter Twitter username, select if you want replies in your Widget box or not, customize the display of a Widget containing your Twitter Timeline, click on the links at the top to display likes, lists and search result.
  • Click the "Create Widget" button. A box appears with a code for your Widget. Copy this code and paste it into the code on your website.


It is a small button that can be added to your HTML file or blog. It allows your readers quickly share your page with their followers. It reduces the size of the URL so that it could fit within 140 characters limit. The visitors can also add a comment about the page to show whether they liked it or not. It can really help you in promoting your website, latest products and services.


Chirrup is like a Friend Feed plugin for WordPress. It can be added as a separate component to your blog like a widget. It allows you fetch replies from Twitter and sort them by URL. You can create a comment feed for each page on your site. It also allows users to send a Twitter comment.


Aweber allows you to expand the reach of your email newsletters through Twitter. When you create a message in AWeber, you are provided with the option to automatically "tweet" that email.


It is used to automatically insert tweets into your Twitter account from a RSS feed. It allows you to send your blog posts to your followers on Twitter. You can update your twitter followers about your updates on your website.

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