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Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

The Chemical Industry in today's time plays a very crucial role in the research and development of new things. Most of the things that we use have some chemicals in them. Whether you use a chemical product or any preservative food item, there is always a chemical used during its manufacturing process; for many of us, it is shocking to know that chemicals are used in electronic gadgets too.

In India, more than 80,000 chemicals are produced for various known and unknown purposes. India is one of the biggest markets for chemical-based products, and it is ranked in 6th position in the global chemical industry. The market size of the chemical industry in India is over 180 billion dollars and is continuously increasing with the increasing demand in domestic and international markets.

1. Aarti Industries Ltd.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

Aarti Industries is an India-based national Company; it is one of the leading manufacturers of specialized chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The headquarter of the company is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Aarti Industries was established in 1984, and Rajendra V. Gogri founded it. At that time, it was incorporated as Aarti organics private limited, but later, in 1994, it was renamed Aarti Industries Limited. The company works on the model expansion and growth because of that, it's has invested in various occasions like in 1986, they invested in manufacturing a plant for "Nitro Chloro Benzenes" it was built in Sarigram, Gujarat, then in 2006 for fulfilling the demand of in market they expanded the sulphuric acid production capacity from 100 KTPA to 200 KTPA.

In 2013, Aarti Industries also started their subsidiary Company, Anushakti Chemicals and Drugs ltd., and set up Aarti U.S.A. Inc for developing Marketing and distribution chain in the U.S.A.

The total valuation of the company is around 5000 crore, and it coordinates its operations from 15 different production units. Currently, over 5000 employees work for them.

Top Products

  • Chlorination
  • Nitration
  • Hydrogenation
  • Ammonolysis
  • Halex
  • Dinitro chlorination.

2. GHCL Ltd.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

GHCL is among the leading company in the chemical industry; GHCL is primarily involved in the business of inorganic chemicals and home textiles. It is among the leading producer of Soda Ash in India and is also engaged in the production of edible salt. Most prominent companies like Hindustan Unilever Limited, Ghari Group P&G, Patanjali Ayurved Limited Phillips, and others take Soda Ash from GHCL. The company's total Soda Ash production capacity is around 9.75 lacs Tpa.

Inorganic Chemicals Division

The inorganic Chemical is completely engaged in producing and selling Soda Ash.

Home Textile Division

The textile division of the company also operates on a mass level; currently, they have around 1.76 lakh spindles and 3320 rotors machines; this division is involved in the Manufacturing of Yarn, Weaving processing, cutting, and Sewing of Home Textile products.


GHCL Ltd was started in 1983; at that time, it was known as Gujarat Heavy Chemicals. It was a joint venture of GIIC and the Dalmias through their companies.

3. BASF India Ltd.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

BASF India Ltd is among the leading companies in the Indian chemical market. It is a subsidiary of German-based company BASF. Along with India, they also operate in 80 plus countries. It is the biggest chemical company in the world. BASF India is involved in producing various agriculture-based chemicals, leather chemicals, Styropor, tanning agents, and many other chemicals. They are also involved in the Marketing and selling of these products.

Currently, over 1800 employees work for BASF India, and they have various manufacturing units. Along with that, they also have their own research and development labs.


BASF India was started in the year 1943. At that time, it was incorporated as RA Cole. Later, in 1963, it was renamed Indoplast, and in 1967, it was registered as BASF India.

4. Atul Ltd.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

Atul Ltd is among the oldest running chemical companies in India, and Kasturbhai Lalbhai founded it in 1947; the first production unit of the company was started in Gujarat. The headquarter of the company is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It covers a vast area of 1250 acres.

Currently, Atul Limited is engaged in producing over 900 different products and 400 chemical formulations. The company also invested in retail business and owned over 140 retail brands. Atul Ltd supplies its products to 4,000 different customers involved in 30 different types of business categories.

The company has also expanded its business in the international market by starting its subsidiary companies in various countries like the United States, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, and U.A.E.

The total valuation of the company assets is around 4,600 crore, and its revenue is 3,650 crore. The company is registered on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) stock exchanges.

5. Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing companies in the chemical industry, and the state government owns it. The company is involved in producing chemicals like phosphoric acid, potassium carbonate, chloromethanes, caustic soda, and many others. Currently, the company has two production plants, and both are in Gujarat Dahej and Vadodara.


Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. was established in 1973, and it was started by the efforts of Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation (GIIC); the Gujarat government fully owns it. The production of the company for the first time started in 1976 on the Vadodara unit. Currently, the production capacity of both plants is around 4,29,050 MTPA.

6. Pidilite Industries Ltd.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

Pidilite is a large adhesives products manufacturing company in India, and it is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is engaged in manufacturing the products like Food and Fabri care, Car products, sealants, textile resins, construction chemicals, and many others.

Fevicol is one the most successful product of Pidilite; there are various competitors in the markets which are manufacturing similar types of products but are not able to grow as Pidilite.

Some of the other brands owned by Pidilite are Fevikwik, Dr Fixit, M- seal, Roff Cyclo, and Acron. Most of its product names are used by its customers as generic words.

The manufacturing units of the company are spread all over India, including in Mahad (Maharashtra), Vapi (Gujarat), Baddi, and Kala Amb, both in (Himachal Pradesh). The company was founded in the year 1959.

Currently, the total valuation of the company assets is over 6,500 crore, and its revenue is 7,500 crore.

7. TATA Chemicals Ltd.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

TATA Chemicals Ltd. is a Multinational Company engaged in manufacturing specialized chemical products and crop protection. The headquarter of the company is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is among the largest manufacturer of chemical products in India and many other European countries, North America and Africa. The parent company of Tata Chemicals is Tata Group.

Currently, Tata chemicals have around 7 production plants in Gujarat, United Kingdom, Andhra Pradesh, Kenya, United States, and Tamil Nadu.

It is the second-largest manufacturer of Soda Ash in India after Aarti Industries Ltd.


Tata Chemicals started its operation in 1944, and its first production plant was in Mithapur, Gujarat. Then with time, Tata chemicals have taken over various other national and international companies working in the chemical Industries. Some of them are Brunner Mond, U.K. (2006).

Currently, the total revenue of the Company is over 1.4 billion dollars.

8. Bayer

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

Bayer came to India in 1986 and established its production unit in Mumbai. They have many branches like CropScience, pharmaceutical, and animal healthcare, but the most profitable is Bayer CropScience Ltd.

Their market capitalization is very high. Total sales are around 3280 crores. Its crop science division is the biggest revenue generator. Bayer is also producing agro and non-agro products in India.

9. India Glycols Ltd.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

India Glycols is among the leading manufacturers of Glycols based chemicals like Glycols Ethoxylates & PEGs Performance Chemicals Glycol Ether & Acetates Guar Gum and Potable Alcohol.

It is the first company to use the renewable agro technique for producing Ethylene Oxide (EO)/ Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG). India Glycols supplies its products to over 1000 different customers.


The Delhi-based Bartia family started India Glycols; in the year 1983, it was started as a single mono-ethylene glycol plant and was known as UP Glycols. Later, in 1986, it was renamed India Glycols.

It was always popular for its production technique, due to which they have been recognized as a socially and environmentally responsible company. Currently, the total revenue of the company is around 1.5 billion dollars.

10. UPL Ltd.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

United Phosphorus Limited, Shortly known as UPL Ltd., is one of the largest manufacturers of agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, chemical intermediates, and speciality chemicals and offers crop protection solutions. It is an India-based Multinational company that manufacturers and sells its products in over 150 countries.

The headquarter of UPL Ltd. is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is involved in both agro and non-agro activities, but it is mainly involved in agro products like agrochemical products, seeds, and other agricultural-related products. The non-agro division involves the production and sales of various Industrial chemicals.


UPL Ltd. started its operation in 1969, and in 2019 it acquired Arysta LifeScience Inc. with a 4.2 billion dollar deal and became the fifth largest manufacturer of generic agrochemicals company in the world. Currently, the total revenue of the company is around 5 billion dollars.

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