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Top 10 dating apps in India

The traditional dating days where you meet your mate through someone's reference are gone. Now, this is a generation of online dating where you meet your partner through gadgets, technology has taken a major part in our lives including dating culture. Here, you can find your mate within a few taps on your phone. The simplest way to find the love of your life is by installing a good dating app and creating an interesting profile and you are good to go!

Nowadays, dating app has gained immense popularity among Indians. These apps allow people to connect with people of the same personalities all over the world. These platforms also enhance the reach of the users by tracking their phone's location to show potential matches.

You can access these dating apps at your convenience and interests. You can swipe right or left or chat with your partner whenever you prefer. Whether you are looking for true love or searching for a casual date, you can take chance there to find your perfect one.

So, here we present a list of the top 10 dating apps for you to find your perfect soulmate. These dating apps are highly popular in India.

1. Tinder

Well! Everyone has heard of Tinder at least once in their lifetime. Tinder comes on the top of the list of dating apps and it is highly popular among gen X people. The key features that make it popular are easy to log in, easy to access, and full privacy protection.

Top 10 dating apps in India

Also, Tinder allows you to connect with like-minded people in less than 2 minutes. The app has a type of programming that makes the matching process easy and convenient for the users. You can also search as per your choices based on variety of filters.

The app has both free and premium subscription options where if users have a free subscription, they will get a limited number of match options while with the premium subscription, they will get a seamless dating experience and a lot more chances of matching with the right person. You will get notified every time someone likes your profile or send you a match.

2. Bumble

Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps in India. The most valued feature of bumble is when two people got matched, it is the woman who has to initiate the conversation whether she wants to chat or not depends on her only. So, it does not invade women's privacy. Bumble is ruling the hearts of users by breaking all types of stereotypes of Indian society.

Top 10 dating apps in India

Bumble is considered to be one of the most widely-operated dating apps in India. Additionally, in the case of a Homosexual couple, any one of them can start the conversation. The most interesting thing about bumble is that all the profiles are completely verified, and not a single profile is fake. It has a full-proof verification system during the registration process where you have to submit your clicked photo then and there to ensure that the profile is yours.

Bumble is perfect for those who want to explore, build networks, and connect to more and more people. And of course, it is best for finding your soulmate. Amazingly, Bumble has come up with two divisions where one is for finding love and another one is for those who are searching for a friend BFF.

Intriguing, more than 60% of the total matches on Bumble end up in conservation. As it is a highly reliable app because of its privacy protection policy. To maintain your privacy, you can always block, unmatch or report a profile if you are not comfortable with it.

3. OkCupid

OkCupid is probably one of the best dating platforms in India. Here, the matches between the two people are not based on pictures but on some questions. These questions are asked to ensure the similarity of choices between the matches.

Top 10 dating apps in India

OkCupid allows users to connect easily with people with like-minded interests around the world. The best thing about OkCupid is the feature of messaging and virtual dating.

Also, users can browse for their matches based on their location preference. And you won't be disturbed or irritated by any advertisements modeling in between your dating experience. For privacy protection, users can always block people if they find them suspicious.

4. Happn

Have you ever passed on to someone on-road and liked them instantly? Well, did you get the chance to start a conservation with your secret crush? So, don't worry, Happn will make it possible for you. Happn will allow you to check people you crossed lanes with and like their profile to further catch up with them. If you get liked back, then congratulations you got your match.

Top 10 dating apps in India

Well, it is annoying when unnecessary notifications and messages pop on your phone every minute from bots and scammers. With Happn, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Happy doesn't entertain such kinds of things. This app programming rigorously prevents sign-ups from bots and scammers making it one of the protected online dating apps in India.

5. Trulymadly

TrulyMadly is another famous dating app available in India. TrulyMadly constitutes similar features to Tinder. Like other dating apps, TrulyMadly also provides a strict verification procedure during registration for people that needs to be followed to create a reliable profile. This feature prevents fake profile created by bots and scammers, and save users from any traps.

Top 10 dating apps in India

TrulyMadly suggests matches based on their interests and likes. Users can also earn approval from their friends, and colleagues to enhance their trust relations. Also, if you link other social media profiles with Truly Madly can increase the prevailing trust score more.

Amid the dominant dating apps in the Indian market, TrulyMadly uses a trust score feature to make the matches more reliable and also enables you to become a wingman or wing-woman to help your friend find their type of matches.

6. Hinge

Hinge app is another online dating app that makes matches based on the common interest shared by two people, creating a compatible couple. It is usually taken as an alternative to Tinder but it would be great if Hinge has improved in various other sectors too. You have to make a profile filled with photos and interests by which people see and approach you for conversation or match.

Top 10 dating apps in India

If you are a person who values persons' personality and their beliefs based on their interests over physical appearance then this platform is made for you. The Hinge app has distinct features to make users interested, pictures and likes their portfolio, and from which they will find the match. It is easy to know someone better by their common interest, likes, and dislikes. Hinge has both paid and free subscription packages. The paid subscription values around $12 .99 per month.

7. Aisle

Aisle is a newly introduced online dating app that aims to create romantic relationships between Indian audiences from all around the world. This platform focuses importantly on individuals who are not bound by any barriers when it comes to finding the love of their lives and is perfect for creating serious relationships.

Top 10 dating apps in India

As the tagline of aisle suggests 'an Indian Dating app for serious relationships' attracts the audience more if they want to build something meaningful and long lasting with their partner. Thus, we have seen many relationships that have started from this app, and are now on a successful journey.

8. Doobdoo

Doobdoo lies among the best Indian dating apps in India which is completely free and guarantees privacy protection for women. The algorithm of Doobdoo quickly catches the game profile created by bots or scammers. Additionally, if any profile is found to be suspicious, it immediately gets suspended. Doobdoo allows every feature either minimal or pro to be free.

Top 10 dating apps in India

The app allows users to locate matches through its new GPS-based geographical search that can further be narrowed to particular locations. Doobdoo makes it easier for singles to meet their matches in person and build strong relationships together.

Isn't it annoying to swipe left people just because they are not like-minded people to yours or compatible with the same interest? Here advanced matchmaking in Doobdoo will save your efforts. This platform has AI technology that will match two users based on the common interests shared. All you have to do is less effort on swipe away profiles and more effort on chatting and dating.

Nowadays, Virtual dates are becoming a thing and highly popular. So much that they have converted into norms for many people. The Doobdoo dating app allows all the virtual things for increasing compatibility between the couple. These virtual playdates include coffee dates, video games dates, etc.

9. CoffeeMeetsBagel

Top 10 dating apps in India

Coffee meets Bagel is perhaps one of the most underrated dating apps in India. Nevertheless, we should appreciate how creative they have got to title the app! Even they have been creative with the matching process like the app will send you a couple of matching options, naming them Bagel of the day which you can accept or reject as per your choice within 24 hours. And if the user likes you back, then congrats, you get matched and can begin the conversation.

10. Woo

Woo is among the promising dating app that authorizes the creation of well-educated professionals on its platform only. The app has features like voice prologue, tag search, series of question-answers, and direct messaging. This platform provides a voice call option where users can talk to each other without disclosing their phone numbers.

Top 10 dating apps in India

Woo provides a secured privacy policy for its users. For those, privacy is the biggest concern then Woo app is perfect for you. It is considered one of the safest platforms for online dating for women in India. As it doesn't ask you for either personal details or share them with your dates. This platform is easy to use and easy to find matches based on filters.

So, what is stopping you now, go and open your heart to the perfect one?

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