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Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

Gaming industry has recently gained much admiration and fame. The number of users, gamers playing online games has increased especially during Covid times. The craze and love for games has been since years but recent years have seen a leap in the gaming enthusiasts. A new game that has garnered the attention of the gamers is Free Fire, there are many top free fire players in India, we would be discussing about them later.

Following the ban of PUBG in a number of countries, Free Fire has risen in importance, as has gaming in general. Millions of people enjoy the free fire game all across the globe, including India. The number of free fire gamers in India surged when Pubg was outlawed in the country. And the game's large userbase creates a lot of rivalry.

The greatest Free Fire players in India are acquiring recognition and renown for their gaming and spontaneity, just as we saw in the instance of PUBG Mobile. Garena Free Fire is recognised for its quick and fierce matches. A room of just 50 people, and you're there, knocking your rivals out one by one until only one guy survives.

Garena Free Fire is now amongst the most known and renowned name in the Battle Royale genre. Numerous individuals around the globe are hooked with the game, which also has a large following in India. Because of the game's rising popularity, many top Indian players have competed in national and international Free Fire competitions to demonstrate their prowess on the game.

Many Free Fire events have been held at the regional and international levels in recent months. Many of India's best Free Fire players have proven their worth on such venues.

That makes us wonder: who really are India's best Free Fire players? Without any more ado, here is a list of top Free Fire players in India.

So let's get started with the list;

1. TSH Jash

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

TSG Jash is unquestionably one of the top 10 Free Fire players in the country, and he is a member of the TSG Squad. In regard of people who are unfamiliar, the TSG Squad was one of 2 Indian competitors who competed in the Free Fire Asia competition last year. TSJ Jash is one of the leading 1% of Free Fire players worldwide, with high scores in nearly every play mode. TSG Jash, with his amazing game expertise, takes the top place. Jash is the founder of the well-known gaming club Two-Side Gamers. He is regarded as one of the impeccable and eminent Free Fire player. His abilities and game skills may easily propel him to the top Heroic tier Rated Battles.

TSG Jash and TSG Ritik are experienced gamers. TSG Jash and TSG Ritik are both professional players who have been gaming together over a long period of time. They've created a reputation for themselves on their Youtube account, Two-Side Gamers. Their YouTube channel has more than 6.3 million subscribers.

TSG Jash is a member of the TSG Army, which has presented India on a series of global stages. TSG Army is an Indian squad that has been invited to the Free Fire Asia Invitation 2019. The adolescent is well renowned for his impressive headshot killings, victories, and KD ratios. He also has outstanding ratings in single, duet, and squad game modes. Jash received a heroic tier in season 12 and a perfect score of 3354.

2. Nayeem Alam

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

Number 2 in the list of top 10 free fire players in India is Nayeem Alam. He is an incredible gamer and a player. Nayeem Alam is one of the best and most skilled and top Free Fire players. And if you look at the number of games he has participated, you'll be surprised to find that Nayeem has played more than 1000 squad games in virtually every seasons. He is typically spotted in squad mode in Free Fire and has showed little interest in participating in different genre. His YouTube fame has earned him almost 900,000 subscribers.

He is well-known for his rapid spray and fighting instincts. Nayeem Alam began his YouTube adventure in August 2018 and has been producing game-related video for the past two years. His existing subscriber base exceeds 788k. He has participated in a total of 12,648 matches for the squad, winning 2,943 with a victory record of 23%.

He plays it on his mobile phone -One Plus 7 Pro. He is without a doubt one of the finest free fire gamers in the world. He has been active and most prominent in Squad plays and is less prominent in single and double. He is a member of the 'WHATTHEF**K' clan, with an overall points of 2497, and is currently ranked in the top 27 percent alongside Gyan.

3. Rakesh

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

Rakesh00007 is just the next gamer on our list of the top ten Free Fire gamers in India. He belongs to the BOSS guild and has completed 19,116 squad matches. He has accomplished over 5,945 games as a member of the squad.

His kill tally is also extremely impressive, with almost 85883 kills in team mode. His K/D ratio is around 6.52. Rakesh00007 is also a prominent YouTuber who enjoys streaming and uploading gaming videos to his account. His YouTube account has almost 600,000 subscribers.

Rakesh00007 is among India's finest and top free fire players. He's a participant of the BOSS guild. Rakesh Shetty is his forename. He is a well-known top Free Fire Indian player.

Rakesh is not only a pro gamer, but also a YouTube content developer. He also has his own YouTube account. He has a good headshot percentage. He has a headshot success percentage of more than 44%. Without a question, he will be among the top ten free fire players in India in 2021.

He has a 32.41 percent victory rate. He won 5,849 of 81,264 games. He uses the OnePlus 6 to play Free Fire. In 2017, he began his YouTube channel. On his account, he has 394 subscribers and over 17 million watches.

4. Sudip Sarkar

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

He is also a top Indian Free Fire player. He is one of the greatest performer and player among the Garena Free Fire players in 2021. He even has a Youtube account, Sudip Sarkar, with over 768K followers. His close-range combat abilities are taken to a whole new level, and he excels at them. His gameplay is distinct and distinct from that of any other participant in the group. His skills and expertise make him one of the India's top Free Fire players. He is most renowned for his kills and headshot accuracy. He finished in the top 22 percent of the globe in Season 12 of Garena Free Fire. He is most renowned for his close-quarters combats.'

He played a total of 27,540 free fire squad games. And he earned 8,435 games with a 30.63 percent victory percentage. He has 1222 booyahs in dual gameplay. In the free fire mode, he played 1200 single matches.

5. Raistar

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

Next gamer on our list of the top ten Free Fire gamers in India is Raistar. It is one of Free Fire's greatest and most well-known gamers. His abilities in the gaming were so impressive that many assumed he was using hacks. He is prominent in the Free Fire group/team. Raistar even has his own YouTube channel, which has over 2.28 million followers. He's earned a name for himself because of his exceptional agility in the gameplay and his incredible abilities.

He is also one of YouTube's most popular content providers. He is well among Indian public world. Most of his admirers believe he is India's finest free fire player.

6. AjjuBhai

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

Ajjubhai94 is one of the finest and perhaps most popular top Free Fire players in India, and fans like watching him play these games. Ajjubhai94, like other well-known players, has an outstanding KD ratio. Ajjubhai94 has won 2392 out of 9231 squad mode games.

In his dual mode battles, he played 1586 encounters and crushed 6200 opponents with a K/D ratio of 4.82. Furthermore, he has over 299 Booyah in pair gameplay.

7. Gyan Sujan

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

Gyan Sujan is a well-known or top Free Fire player in India. He has a YouTube account called Gyan Gaming, where he broadcasts and publishes Free Fire videos. Gyan Sujan aka Gyan Gaming has competed 15862 team games and won 5843 games for a 36.83 percent win rate. He has much more than 52661 kills in 5843 games, with a K/D rating of 5.26.

When it came to dual mode, he has only participated 1993 games and won 451 of them. He scored 5212 kills, bringing his KD ratio to 3.38. Gyan Gaming has performed 1267 solo games and has accumulated 152 Booyahs.

8. Ritik

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

TSG is a well-known and one of the top 10 free fire players in India and YouTube content maker. TSG Ritik and his cousin gamers TSG Jash have their own Youtube account. He is one of India's greatest free fire players.

He also competed in the free-fire Asia Invitational last year. He appeared in 2271 matches and won 251 of them. He has 4300 kills as well. In all, he won 53 matches out of 823 single bouts.

Famous for being a prominent YouTuber, as previously said. He has received a total of 4.84 views to date. He also posted 832 videos to his YouTube account.

9. Action Bolt

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

Anup Mandal, often known as Action Bolt, is one of the top 10 free fire players in India without a question. It is one of the most renowned and well-liked Indian Free Fire gamers. Action Bolt has participated in 17773 Squad Battles, winning 7959 of them, bringing his victory rate to 44.78 percent. If his statistics are to be believed, his KD ratio is 5.77, which is very incredible.

In Duo battles, he played 1450 games and killed 4390 foes, giving him a victory percentage of approx 26 percent and a KD Ratio of 4.06. This well-known FF player is said to have played 1870 solo games. In Solo battles, Action Bolt's KD ratio is somewhat lower than in Duo and Squad encounters.

Back in 2018, Action Bolt posted his debut YouTube video.

10. JIGS

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

JIGS is without a question one of India's best free fire gamers. He is deemed as one of the refine free-fire teams in the country. He also belongs to the BOSS guild organization. JIGS is one of India's best Free Fire players. He has an exceptionally huge kill-to-death percentage. JIGS is ranked among the top 1% of all players in India.

JIGS is the BOSS Guild team's leader. His Free Fire sats are incredible. His winning percentage is a whopping 41.16 percent. He won almost 4000 bouts. He is India's best free-fire player.

He has a 28 percent victory percentage in squad games. With this victory rate, he has gained more than 100 months, making him one of the best and top 10 free fire player in India.

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