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1. TVS Jupiter


TVS Jupiter is the highest-selling scooter/bike in India. Jupiter gives the mileage of around 50-55 kmpl. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 6 liters. The vehicle's total weight is 107kg, which is very light and its maximum power is 7.37bhp. The vehicle has a BS-VI engine and the boot space is around 21 liters. It comes up with tubeless tires and front disk and rear drum brakes. The seat is very comfortable with a material of great quality; the body is also durable and strong. Jupiter is also very good-looking from the front. LED lights are used in the headlamp. The price range of the scooty is from around 66k to 72k rupees. The display is also very attractive and the digital meter is also placed on the speedometer panel.

Engine: 110cc

Torque: 8.8 Nm

Power: 7.88 PS

Brake: Disk

2. Royal Enfield Classic 350


Royal Enfield is very popular among the youngsters of India. The looks of the bike are very royal and classy. Royal Enfield's all-new model, classic 350 comes up with a new chassis that is very strong and durable. In its new models, the company has widened the seat and increased the comfort level of the bike. The bike has ABS, which allows stability after emergency brakes, and has a Disk brake. The two-wheeler has a single-cylinder engine of 350 ccs. The fuel tank is around 13 liters and the bike gives a mileage of around 37kmpl. The ground clearance of the bike is 170mm.

Engine: 350cc

Power: 20.2BHP at 600rpm

Torque: 27Nm at 4000rpm

Brakes: Disk brake with ABS

3. TVS Apache RTR 160


TVS Apache RTR 160 is the pickup queen among all the Indian bikes. The price range of this bike starts from Rs.1,07,242. The two-wheeler has a 160cc engine with BS-VI technology. There are some new inclusions like ABS which is a must in all bikes now a days as it makes the bike stable and provides safety when the emergency brakes are used. The seat height is almost around 790mm. The fuel tank has a capacity of 12 liters and the mileage of the bike is 45kmpl with 5-speed manual gear. The net weight of the bike is 139kgs. LED lights are installed in the headlamps, which makes it the latest headlight.

Engine: 160cc

Power: 12.91Kw @ 9250rpm

Torque: 14.73Nm @ 7250 rpm

Brakes: Disk brake with ABS.

4. Yamaha MT 15


Yamaha Mt 15 was first launched in 2018 by Yamaha. It has a 155cc engine with 6-speed manual gear. The fuel tank capacity of the bike is 10 liters and the seat height is almost 810mm. The bike's weight is 138kg and it comes up with the ABS with disc brakes. The bike is very attractive and the front headlamps are in a new design. This gives a super aggressive look to the bike from the front. The price of the vehicle ranges between Rs.1.46 lac to Rs.1.49 lac. The new Moto-GP edition of the two-wheeler is also launched, which is only 3k expensive than the normal one.

Engine: 155cc

Mileage: 52kmpl

Emission: BS6

Weight: 138kg

Power: 18.5bhp

ABS: Single channel

5. Yamaha YZF R15 V3


Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is one of the most popular bikes in the country. The company has launched a new variant of the bike with the BS6 version. The engine of the bike is 155cc. The bike has tubeless tires, which are so convenient. Double Disc brakes are installed in the vehicle, which enhances its braking system. The mileage of the bike is around 49kmpl and it has a fuel tank capacity of 45 liters. The dual-channel ABS is also there to protect the biker when emergency brakes are used. The bike is comfortable for a single biker; the rear seat is not that comfortable because of the height. The price of the two-wheeler ranges between Rs.157000 to Rs.16000. The bike is mainly a sports concept bike and its looks are also sporty. LED lamps are fitted in the headlamps, which makes the bike attractive in the dark.

Engine: 155cc

Power: 18.6PS

Tire Type: Tubeless

Torque: 14.1 Nm

6. Hero Splendor Plus


Hero Splendor Plus is the splendor with a new BS6 engine. The company has given both electric and a kick start in the bike. The speedometer console has a fully analog-type system and the company has provided basic lightning. The bike has a fuel tank of approximately 11L with a mileage of 65kmpl to 85kmpl. There are no disc brakes and ABS. The braking system (rear and front) is based upon two drum brakes. The tires are tubeless which is an advantage for the bike. The USP is the mileage of the bike, as no other bike gives this much mileage in this price range. The maximum speed the vehicle can reach up to is 93-95 km/h. The seat height from the ground is approximately 785-799 mm.

Engine: 100cc

Power: 8.02 PS

Torque: 8.05 Nm

Cylinder: 1

7. TVS Sport


TVS Sport is a 100cc motorcycle manufactured by TVS in India. It is one of the best economical bikes available in the market. The bike was launched in 2007and the company started making changes in its model in 2015 and 2017. The vehicle has a fuel capacity of 10L. Both the brakes, front and rear are drum brakes; there are no disc brakes and ABS in the two-wheeler. It is the best bike you can buy in such a small amount of money.

The bike has 4 strokes single-cylinder engine. The price of TVS Sport ranges between Rs.43000- Rs.84000. The mileage of the bike is around 75km/l. The seat height is almost 790mm from the ground, which is quite good. Halogen bulbs are used in the headlamps, which give a better vision in darkness. The company launched the latest version of the bike in Dec 2020.

Engine: 100cc

Power: 7.5bhp @ 7500rpm

Torque: 7.5 Nm @ 5500rpm

Brakes: Both drum

8. TVS Radeon


TVS Radeon is a motorcycle with 110cc petrol engine. The bike has a fuel tank capacity of approx. 10L with a mileage of 65kmpl. The vehicle can reach up to the maximum speed of 95-98km/h. The weight of the vehicle is around 118kg. The price range of the bike is from 65k to 72k rupees. It has 4-speed manual gear with a max power of 8.08bhp. The all-new Radeon is available in various colors: titanium grey, volcano red, regal blue, Chrome brown, etc.

Engine: 110cc

Mileage: 65kmpl

Power: 8.08bhp

Tank: 10L

9. TVS Apache RR 310


TVS Apache RR 310 is a sports racing bike that is launched by TVS India. The bike is loaded with a four-stroke liquid-cooled 312cc engine. The height of the seat is 810mm from the ground level. The curb weight of the bike is around 174kg which makes it heavier than other bikes. The maximum speed that the vehicle can attain is 160km/h. The bike comes up with a petrol engine with a fuel tank capacity of 11 liters. The mileage of the superbike is around 35kmpl. It has 6-speed manual gear transmission. Both the brakes are disc brakes with ABS technology. The company has provided LED lights and a digital speed panel in this two-wheeler

Engine: 312cc

Mileage: 35kmpl

Torque: 27.3 Nm

Power: 34PS

Brakes: Disc brakes

Tire: Tubeless tires

10. TVS XL 100


TVS XL 100 is a 100cc vehicle. The mileage of this two-wheeler is around 80kmpl with a fuel tank capacity of 4L. But the company claims that the two-wheeler will give you more mileage than mentioned. XL 100 is also known as Luna. The price range of the bike ranges between 41k to 51k rupees. It is a BS6 variant. There's also a USB port in the vehicle to charge your smartphone. The instrument cluster includes a speedometer and odometer (analog). The two-wheeler has a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine.

Engine: 99.7cc

Power: 4.4PS

Torque: 6.5Nm

Mileage: 80kmpl

Brakes: Drum

Tire: Tube

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