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Top 10 Intelligent Dogs

Dogs are sweet, lovely, and very loyal animals that protect us from many uncertain situations. We all know that dogs are our best companions as no one will care for the house like them, but firstly, we have to train the dogs for better and outstanding results. Dogs are one of the smartest animals with a good IQ level and a good sense level.

Dogs are one of the kindest animals who follow the owner's instructions and do everything that owners tell them to do. The intelligence of dogs is based on different concepts like obedience, ability, and other concerning things. There are also some kinds of dogs that are more dependent on people, and we can easily train them in a few days. These types of dogs will catch things in the minimum time, but these types of dogs do not come in the smart category. The hound breed is one of its examples, as these dogs come under the category of dogs who have a good sense of smell and sight, but they do not come under the category of active dogs.

Several breeds of dogs are present today that vary from each other. All dogs have their specialty and capability; some dogs are very Intelligent, and they help humans in many things. So this article discussed the Top 10 Intelligent Dogs.

Benefits of keeping intelligent dogs in our houses

Before discussing the top 10 intelligent dogs, let's see the benefits of keeping dogs. Keeping dogs at houses is one of the good things we can do. The dogs can keep our house safe and give us good company. Some points are discussed below that help us understand the benefits of keeping dogs at our houses.

1. Dogs can reduce the risk of heart attack

Dogs give company to us in every situation. It is seen that dogs are one of the pet animals who help us to protect from heart attacks. In 2013, a study showed that the one who has a dog as a pet animal would have lower chances of being affected by the disease and heart attack.

2. Dogs help us to reduce the level of cholesterol in our body

Dogs also help us in reducing the level of cholesterol. Dogs also give us company in walking and playing, which help us to maintain cholesterol levels in our bodies.

3. Dogs can save our lives

Dogs save humans' lives and also give them emotional support. The dogs are better companions who support us in every situation. According to the research, service dogs give us a better company in every situation.

4. Dogs also lower our stress

One of the good techniques to remove stress is playing with a dog. The dogs will relieve you from the situation which you are worried about. If you spent a good time with the dogs, they also help you maintain good blood pressure in your body. It is a fact that being around your lovable dog reduces any pressure and stress.

5. Dogs help us in remaining active

Human beings always need some companion for a morning walk, run and play, and dogs help us be our companions; dogs play with us, do morning walk, and some dogs force us to go with them on a morning walk and play. These all activity helps human to remain very fresh, fit, and healthy. Playing with a pet dog also helps in utilizing our free time.

6. Dogs also entertain us when we are alone

Many people often feel quite alone, so dogs are a perfect companion to keep them entertained. If you have a dog as a pet, it can also help you become more social. Taking your dog for a walk can open up chances to meet new people.

Many dog lovers have admitted that they like dogs because they keep them entertained and also because of their genuine love towards their owners. Undoubtedly, dogs are a wonderful pet to keep if you want never to feel alone and need any companion.

List of top 10 intelligent dogs

Below, we have discussed the list of very intelligent dogs. These special dogs catch and learn things at a very minimum time and respond to the things at a very minimum time. It becomes easy for the owner to choose the dog of the smart category because these types of dogs get well trained in a minimum time. These dogs are so smart that if you delay serving them food, they also indicate you for this. Here is the list of the top 10 intelligent dogs.

1. Poodle

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • The poodle is a dog that comes in the smart and intelligent dog category.
  • These dogs come in different sizes, but they have the same qualities.
  • These types of dogs have a special feature like these dogs have curly hairs, which further comes in the category of the hypoallergenic, and it sometimes does not help the dog to get more protein, and later, this became the reason for many allergies.
  • These dogs are intelligent and are mainly used for hunting and retrieving things.
  • These Poodle dogs have a lot of stamina and strength as you can also choose them for the sports events.

2. Border collie

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • The border collies come in the category of intelligent dogs, and these types of dogs have good strength.
  • These dogs can go on a walk for long distances and also catch the human mind in a minimum time.
  • These dogs can catch things or learn even without teaching them. These brilliant mind dogs always impress you with their behavior.
  • These dogs are lovable and loyal and also give you good company.

3. Golden Retriever

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • These categories of dogs come in with an excellent level of intelligence as they have brilliant minds.
  • The Golden retriever is a type of dog that have small hairs.
  • The dogs of these breeds are very friendly and become good companions for their owners.
  • The golden retriever dogs are best for the guide because these dogs are very intelligent.
  • You can also keep these dogs in your home or with your family, these dogs protect you and your family from many things, and kids in your family can also enjoy these dogs by playing with them, but make sure that if you keep such dogs at your home, you have to clean your house daily.

4. Shetland Sheepdog

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • The Shetland sheepdog is a dog that can smartly handle all situations.
  • These dogs always give you company at each place. These breeds of dogs come in the category of family pets as they are smaller in size.
  • You can easily train these dogs in your home by giving them good training.
  • Due to the high energy level of these dogs, you have to give them proper care and diet so that they will remain fit and healthy.

5. Belgian Malinois

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • The Belgian Malinois is a lovable dog that contains the same qualities as the German Shepherd dog.
  • These dogs are especially famous in the category of police dogs.
  • These dogs also protect your house, you, and your family from uncertain things.
  • It isn't easy to handle these dogs; only professional and trained persons can care for them. You can also assign them a task, and they will complete it with their proper intelligence.

6. Labrador Retriever

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • The category of Labrador Retriever is similar to the breed of Golden Retriever.
  • The hair of these dogs is very short compared to the other dogs.
  • The Labrador Retriever dogs are very funny, and these dogs also help in the rescue and guide the things.
  • This breed of dog is specially used by police personnel.

7. Australian Cattle Dog

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • Australian cattle dogs are very intelligent dogs. These categories of dogs will catch and learn all the commands very easily and follow them in a specified manner.
  • These dogs are a special category of dogs that will also eat the food by themselves, without the help of others, if they do not get the required food on time. You can also take these dogs for a walk or run.

8. Rottweiler

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • The Rottweiler is a category of intelligent dogs which are very strong and can protect you, your family, and your house.
  • These dogs are very intelligent that can capture anything in very less time.
  • Rottweiler also follows all commands and guides of their owners.
  • These dogs easily sense any situation in very less time.
  • If you are looking for a dog for your family, it is one of the best categories of the dog who also look after the things.

9. Miniature Schnauzer

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • The Miniature Schnauzer is a dog that becomes your friend in very less time and accompanies you in every situation.
  • These dogs can also play with you in the playgrounds.
  • These categories of dogs help you in different situations and follow up on their owners' commands.
  • The dogs of this breed remain active all day and perform all the functions in a specified manner.

10. Doberman Pinscher

Top 10 Intelligent Dogs
  • The Doberman Pinscher is one of the dogs who are the protective ones. These are super intelligent dogs who follow all their owners' commands.
  • These dogs give us company every time and play with us. These dogs are very strong and fit.
  • The Doberman will follow all your given commands, and these dogs play with the kids and protect them from uncertain situations.


It is concluded from the above that different types of dogs come under different categories. These categories of dogs will help you in various uncertain situations. The specialty of dogs is even much better as per their categories.

Dogs are very energetic animals who will remain active all the time. Some dogs can catch or learn things even before being told or guided by their owner. They can protect them and also know how to act in a certain manner in specific situations. Some dogs like German Shepherd, Doberman, Shetland sheepdogs, Golden Retriever, and others come under intelligent dogs. These intelligent dogs have their specialty.

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